How common is it to have no underarm hair?

My brother has no underarm hair. He is 23 years old, very heavily built, and mature looking. He can easily grow a beard, and has legs like a gorilla. When it comes to his chest and underams though…nothing.

Ths chest I can understand - not everyone grows hair on their chest. How common is it, however, for a man to have no underarm hair whatsoever?

My brother is hairless. No leg hair, no chest hair, no arm hair and not a single armpit hair. He shaves maybe once a month. On the other hand his head is as thick as a forest.
We’re both asian.

I’ve seen it happen with some men. Barring hormonal issues, my guess is that the friction of skin folds rubbing on one another or tight t-shirts rubbing the armpit rubs away the hair the same way wearing tights or leggings rubs off the leg hair of the guys who work at Renaissance Faires. Some men’s shoudler girdles are muscled in such a way that there’s very little or no hollow in the armpit.

Then again, 23 is still young. My (caucasian) husband’s chest hair didn’t come in until about 28, and his underarm hair is still pretty sparse at 34. Plenty on his legs though.

Hmm, didn’t consider ethnic origin to be an issue - my brother is half Caribbean, and half Caucasian, if that has any bearing on the question.

Thank you.

Well I forgot to mention that I got a healthy amount of arm hair, leg hair and underarm hair myself. It’s probably just a quirk of genetics.

I was listening to NPR on the way home today, and they broadcast tape of a Muslim cleric in Germany who didn’t like Germans very much. ‘They don’t shave their armpits! They spread their stink everywhere!’

This thread reminded me of that.