How competitive are you?

What are some of the funniest, most stupid or brave things that you have done in the name of competition?

This topic was brought to mind because I’ve always been competitive in my life, whether it’s sports, school, games, work etc. This is how I found myself in my current competetive endeavor:

A co worker and I started busting on each other over who got to work first in the morning. This is because we are both patholically late. This spurred an unofficial “contest” which has now evolved into a full-fledged competition with rules.

This is how it works. Whoever is first sends an e-mail to the other person, the time stamp on the mail verifies what time you got in. Then the later person responds and minutes between the time stamps are given to the winner that morning. The goal is to have the most minutes at the end of the week. So, the minutes are cumulative and you can win by 5 minutes four days (you are up by 20) and then lose the whole week because the other person beat you by 21 minutes on Friday.

Well, this morning, I got to work at 6:15am (work day starts at 8am) just to beat this guy. My husband thinks I’m nuts! I got about 4 hours of sleep last night, but I’ll damned if I let the other guy win!

Since I’m an adult it seems silly, I know, but I just can’t help it…

Any more examples??

A question:

Could it be possible that your boss planted a subliminal message on your computer?

I suggest you both format you hard drive and see if the madness stops.

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My competitor is a contractor, paid by the hour. So, if he comes in early, he leaves early.

I run my own system, so as long as it works, no one bothers me. So, if I come in early, I’ll leave early.

The point is that we both hate to get up early in the morning, but because we are both competitive, we’ll do it just to beat one another. OK, that sounded bad… but you know what I mean.

I’m not saying my competitive story is the best. It’s just what came to mind this morning as I was sitting here in the dark (I’m not used to being the first person in the building and I didn’t know where the lights are, really!)

Any way, does anyone have a better story??? Please??? Give me a break, this is my first new topic posting EVER…

I’m way more competitive than you are. :slight_smile:

–Da Cap’n

How competitive am I? Just slightly more competitive than you are! :wink:

Seriously though, my two siblings and I have a history of competing to see who can get the best gifts for our parents.

Example: My dad likes spicy food, and for the longest time we all kept buying him successively hotter peppers or sauces. I forget who started it, but we ended up taking turns on each holiday or birthday, trying to outdo one another. It started at about Tabasco level, IIRC, and just kept escalating until we reached the level of stuff that no human can actually eat.

I finally won this one, however, when I showed up on Christmas with some stuff called Pure Cap. This stuff comes in a tiny bottle with an eyedropper, contained inside a bigger, childproof bottle. Its two ingredients are vegetable oil and capsaicin. When purchasing it I had to sign a disclaimer, saying that I was sober at the time and was solely responsible for any injury caused by the product. The warning label says not to let it come in contact with skin.

So my Dad now has one of the most powerful collections of hot sauces in the Northeast, and I get to parade my victory in front of my sibs on every holiday. :smiley:

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

Sorry StStella, I meant it as a joke.


I was so concerned that my very first thread would die so quicky, that I responded before appreciating your intended humor! Now fess up, give us your story. And don’t tell me you’re not competitive, I can tell by your responses that you are. :slight_smile:

Well i’m not sure if my situation is competitiveness gone mad…or utter stupidity…i broke my back playing rugby…and played again 3 months later…because my number 2 was getting all the praise and i knew i was better than him. I’ve since retired.

NOTE: this story is quite long, but I assure you it’s a THRILLER.

I’m VERY competitive.

In fact I’m so competitive I nearly killed myself a couple of years ago, must have been 1994.

Here goes. I’m driving my father’s car (1993 Mitsubishi Galant) on a Dutch highway at around 8 pm on a summer evening. Just having covered a 80 km/h stretch, I finally arrive at the point where the speed limit goes up to 120 km/h (some 75 miles). I accelerate - meanwhile being passed in the left lane by a sporty looking Opel Astra (a car I despise, see also this thread !!), doing something clearly over the speed limit. “I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be outrun by this crap PoS Opel thing !”, I rationally think.
So I floor the car. This was actually quite a powerful car, capable of some 210 km/h (a bit over 130 mph). After a while, I catch up with the Opel (it’s called a Vauxhall in England, an Opel in mainland Europe, Opel’s GM but I don’t no what it’s called in north america). I’m doing maybe 3 km/h more than him - after a bit of slipstreaming, I move over to the left lane to overtake him. Smiling at the other driver, I move past him, doing well over 200 km/h.

I look forward again, and the sight nearly makes me shit myself.

Maybe 200 meters away, there’s one of those road construction trailers, you know, the ones with the blinking arrows on them directing you to the other lane. I got so caught up in racing, I completely missed all the warning signs I must have passed already at that point !!

I could have easily braked and moved over behind the Opel, but something inside me decides I just HAVE to get in front of this guy. And he isn’t backing down either… I already feel the cat-eye strips going underneath my tires (a later inquiry revealed that standard policy is to start those strips 30 meters before the actual trailer - a distance covered in 0.5 seconds at 200 km/h !) when I throw the car onto the right lane, just avoiding the trailer.

When I look back in my mirror, I can’t see the Opel’s headlights - that’s how close he is (less than 1.5 meters, I estimate) !!

So, I didn’t hit the trailer, nor the Opel. The story’s not over yet though. Now we’re on a single lane (the left one’s under construction as stated, and there’s only a narrow emergency shoulder to the right [say 2 meters wide]), braking heavily. I spot a family sedan in front of me, bicycles on the roof, camping trailer attached to it. It’s doing maybe 70 km/h, and I’m still way over 150 km/h. There’s no way I’m gonna make this.

So I pass him over the emergency shoulder on the right - 20 centimetres of space to either side of the car at a speed of over 130 km/h at that point. The guy was scared to death.

After that, I decelerated enough and carried on at a normal speed. When the left lane opened again, the Opel Astra passed me and looked at me like I came from another planet.

I stopped the car in a roadside parking lot to see if there REALLY wasn’t any damage. There wasn’t. I had been EXTREMELY lucky, and so had all the other people involved been.

This must have been the single most stupid thing I ever did out of competitiveness. It almost got me killed, and I can assure you all it changed my way of driving completely. The road is not a racing circuit. I know this now.

Which is why the abovementioned link (oh hell, here it is again then: ) is such an irony :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time, I hope you found it entertaining as well as educating.



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Coldfire, you and that damn metric system. I’m getting a cramp in my calculator-finger. :slight_smile:

Where are we going?
And why am I in this handbasket?

Competitive? Yeah, more than a little. I cannot get together with my friends without a competition of some sort arising. When we play golf or poker we always wager on the outcome. That may be normal, but in the course of the game the side bets come fast and furious. “I’ll bet a dollar my next card is higher than yours” or “$5 says I’ll be closer to the pin”. We cannot even go to the bathroom without seeing who can finish first. It’s a sick thing. I can not stand to lose, but winning itself isn’t the answer either. If winning comes too easily, I don’t want to play. I want the competition!

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No, I’m more competitive!! :sunglasses:

–Da Cap’n

When I was an apprentice toolmaker, nevermindhowlongago, one of the toolmakers, a guy named Rudy, was an incorrigble prankster. As I was the only apprentice in the shop, he focussed his attentions on me.

It started out with silly little things, but when I fought back with pranks of my own, things got more eloborate.

There are too many pranks to list, but we finally called a truce when I got a friend of mine, who was a police officer, to come in and arrest Rudy, in a loud voice, for molesting a child. He even put the cuffs on him.

That’s when everyone started to laugh( everyone was in on it), but for a couple of minutes, Rudy was absolutely beside himself.

Nothing further happened after that, but we never really trusted each other.

Rudy, God bless you wherever you are. It was fun.

According to the Pope, a woman can be a saint, but not a priest.

Coldfire- If I’m not mistaken, the Opel is approximately analogous to the Buick. I know that GM marketed some of its European-made cars in America under the name Buick-Opel back in the seventies.

Anyway, I have a similar story. I don’t think it’s quite as exciting as yours (if this was really a competition, I’d probably have to concede to you), but it was definitely exciting at the time.

I am normally not a very competitive person, and I’m usually a conscientious driver. But there was this one time, I was driving with my sister from Albuquerque to the town where I lived, Belen, about thirty miles (or fifty kilometers) to the south. On the Interstate, just outside of Albuquerque, they were doing construction on a bridge, and the traffic narrowed to one lane. I was getting ready to merge, when these two girls in a red car with a Nine Inch Nails sticker in the rear window suddenly pulled up alongside me, and wouldn’t let me in. I almost had to come to a full stop before I was able to merge, due to the traffic behind them. This really pissed me off, and my sister and I spent the next few minutes griping about that.

A few miles down the road, we came across the same car again, and this time it wouldn’t let us pass. So, I waited until we got behind a slower vehicle, the girls pulled out into the fast lane to pass them, and then returned to the slow lane. We stuck behind the other car for a couple of seconds, then pulled into the fast lane. And then, with my sister egging me on, I floored it.

I drive an 81 Toyota station wagon, which had about 150,000 miles on it at the time, but you would never have guessed that the way we accelerated! We were past the girls before they even saw us coming. After that, it was a race, us in the fast lane not letting them pass us, just to give them a taste of their own medicine, and them trying their damnedest to get by us. We were both passing cars like they were standing still. I have no idea how fast we were going, as my speedometer only goes to 85 miles per hour, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we topped 100.

Finally, we come to our exit. It was closed. More construction. The highway narrowed down to one lane again, with a only very narrow space between concrete barriers to drive in. Fortunately, the area had no traffic to speak of, so we were able to enter the lane with no problems this time. So there I was, my sister clinging to the dashboard with white knuckles, these girls in their car right on our tails, and two concrete barriers mere inches from our sides. It felt like nothing short of the scene from Star Wars, with Luke piloting the X-Wing through the canyons of the Death Star, Tie fighters hot on his tail.

We emerge from the construction zone. The next exit comes up, but first, we have to pass this highway maintenance truck going very slowly down the highway. We had two choices. A) Either pass the truck, and probably miss our exit, or B) slow down and get behind it. What did we do? What do you think we did? C) None of the above. We flashed past the truck, and then, in an absolutely brilliant maneuver on my part, suddenly changed lanes, rocketed onto the exit ramp, and managed to come to a full stop at the stop sign, where we spent the next five minutes catching our breath. I don’t know if the girls even saw where we went, it must have looked like we passed the truck, then disappeared. If there had been a cop anywhere along this route, I would probably have wound up in jail. This is without a doubt the most competitive I have ever gotten.

I had to read your post twice.

You are absolutely, totally, completely fucking insane.

You also have my admiration, if it means anything.

According to the Pope, a woman can be a saint, but not a priest.

Coldfire… I know you said you’ve changed, and that warms me a little… but far from being “amused” by your story, I was outraged and found myself wishing for your death. Seriously, people who drive like that should not be allowed to drive. Period. What the hell kind of idiot risks innocent lives for a stupid contest that no one will acknowledge anyway? You didn’t even know the other guy… you’d never see him again.

Sorry for being a cold fish and not seeing the humor, but asshole drivers are a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. Drive really fast if you’re on your way to the hospital, other than that, stick to what is goddamn reasonable.

Am I competative? Not in traditional senses, not really.

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As stated, it was stupid, I learned from it and am not doing that sort of thing anymore. Hence, lashing out at me like that was rather unnecessairy.

But I can understand that the story might cause some reactions. Let’s just say that when we are young and unexperienced, we all do crazy things. ESPECIALLY behind the wheel of a car.

To wish someone to death for being young and somewhat irresponsible seems rather harsh to me. Let’s all be glad it ended well, with no damage or injuries.

Hey Neuro, wanna race ME someday ? That’ll be some ride, judging from your entry… BTW, I don’t care much about the Nine Inch Nails either :wink:


“You know how complex women are”

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I’m not competitive at all, not even a little bit.

Which probably is linked to my lack of motivation.

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Ok, let’s close down the message board, because since we’re only allowed to post what is neccessary I expect there won’t be ANY further posts. Heck, give away your computer, Coldfire, it isn’t neccessary either. In fact, why not go live in a cave and eat berries and crap in the woods, doing only what is neccessary to survive. Sheesh.

As for the latter, blatently untrue, statement, I’ll just say that I didn’t do “crazy” things, and I certainly was never the idiot behind the wheel that you seem to have been. I’ve always been an extremely safe driver, and found idiots like you to be beneath contempt.

“Cluemobile? You’ve got a pickup…”
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I don’t know how to use these quote-thingies, but here goes:

" Ok, let’s close down the message board, because since we’re only allowed to post what is neccessary I expect there won’t be ANY further posts. Heck, give away your computer, Coldfire, it isn’t neccessary either. In fact, why not go live in a cave and eat berries and crap in the woods, doing only what is neccessary to survive. Sheesh. "

Errmmmm… OK. I merely tried to explain that I already adressed the fact that it was a stupid thing to do in my first post regarding this incident. Somewhere along the line, my (probably faulty) use of the word neccessary (thanks for the correct spelling, I learn somehting new every day) lead you to believe that I wished we all took dumps in the woods and lived in caves again.
I do apologize if my English isn’t top notch every time, and I might not use the right words in all situations. However, my experience thusfar has lead me to believe that most people understand me fine. Let’s just say some people only understand that which they WANT to understand.
I just wanted to let you know that I thought your reaction to my post was a bit “over the top”, if that expression appeals more to you.
OK, to quote the rest of your rational monologue:

“As for the latter, blatently untrue, statement, I’ll just say that I didn’t do “crazy” things, and I certainly was never the idiot behind the wheel that you seem to have been. I’ve always been an extremely safe driver, and found idiots like you to be beneath contempt.”

I’m truly sorry. I’ll rephrase that:
‘We all did some stupid things when we were younger, especially behind the wheel of a car. That is: all but OpalCat. She’s an extremely safe driver and has never intentionally or unintentionally misjudged ANY road situation.’

If that makes you happy, sure why not. I’m sure it makes you feel REALLY important though.

Also, I’m rather surprised you’re able to judge my entire personality from the bare information of an anecdote from my younger years, of which I ALREADY admitted that it was stupid.

Judging from scarce information is a dangerous thing, Opal. Just think twice before you call somebody an idiot: it just might make YOU look a tiny bit stupid.

Best Regards, just drop it now,


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)