How concerned should I be? (Possible fraud using my address.)

I am here at work 80+ hours a week, leaving my home unattended for most of the day, pretty much every day. (I am not too worried about break ins, my neighborhood is pretty safe, and it’s not like I have anything worth stealing.)

So, on Tuesday, I got home to find a fedex door tag, indicating that I had missed a package. I was not expecting a package, but I filled out the signature line, and put it back on my door.

The next day, I got home, and the tag was still there, no package.

Thursday, the same, so I was curious enough to type in the door tag number to get tracking info. There was no shipper info, other than the originating city.

Apparently, it had been picked up and signed for on Wednesday by an R. Jones, not a person that lives in my house, nor anyone I know.

I sent fedex an inquiry about the matter, describing the events, and asking them to contact the shipper, and got a reply that said “If you were not expecting a package, please disregard the door tag, the package was received by the intended recipient.” They did not share my concern that someone who is not a resident at my address is an intended recipient of packages coming to my address.

So, on a level of 1-10 (Where 10 is when they serve a no-knock warrant in the middle of the night, kill my dog, arrest and convict me for mail fraud, and 1 is where I get a reward for my diligence in bringing down a mail fraud ring), how concerned should I be?

Is there any other due diligence I should follow up on to ensure that I am not caught up in any shenanigans?

Slight background, I live on a culdesac, and it would be easy for a car to wait across the street for the fedex truck, and time things to pull into my driveway as the truck is pulling up.

There seems to be a LOT of fraud going around this January.

I wasn’t going to create a thread on it, but I had shipped to my name by FedEx “Priority Overnight” (the expensive one) two days ago a check payable to me, personally, for more than $2,000 drawn on a CA account for “Habitat for Humanity”.
The draw back is that they don’t owe me any money.
Also, the FedEx is from a different company in San Jose, CA.
Also, when I called that office to ask why a check would be sent to me, they said that checks were stolen from them and that their account with California Bank & Trust in Costa Mesa was closed. Evidently checks on that account are being printed and shipped all over the US.

I’ve never had any dealings with H4H or the company listed as the sender on the shipping label.

So… talk about evil… they not only tried to screw me over with a bad check, but also “Habitat for Humanity”.

I’d be concerned. A lot of places will only deliver items purchased on a credit card to the billing address listed on the card without some kind of secondary verification, like the authentication numbers on the back. If your card number was scammed it’s possible someone could only have items delivered to your house for pickup. I’d check all my credit card statements on line pretty carefully.

That would be odd. I have had extensive dealings with Habitat for Humanity, so receiving mail from them wouldn’t be odd.

Receiving a check from them, that would be.

I would probably be even more confused about it than you.

This is very good advice. Not just if you suspect something is up, but just all the time.

I check my online bank statement nearly daily. If you aren’t checking it at least weekly, you are opening yourself up for being a victim of fraud.

But, in any case, no, there were not any odd charges to any of my accounts.

I hear you. Hey, I’m opening myself up to charges of lying too.

I could post the airbill#, but then that’d list my name & address(“a likely story”).
I could list the address of the FedEx sender building of the company that sent it (hand written, a woman’s handwriting, so who knows, but it was obviously dropped in the p/u box outside their building for FedEx) was

2025 Gateway Place
San Jose CA 95110? (might be a 6)

I could say the H4H address printed on the check was in Santa Anna on S. Ritchey… but I could have googled that.
I could just make up out of thin air that California Bank & Trust has a branch in Costa Mesa (Costa Who?) on some place called Bristol Street.
I could tell you that the routing number for that branch is 122003396, but that’s probably a vivid imagination coupled with red wine.

Nah, its real. I honestly wouldn’t have found California interesting enough to research to try to make this stuff up even if somebody paid me to.

Given the frequency with which packages get delivered to the wrong address, I’d guess that the driver just put the tag on your door by mistake. R. Jones then got the package on the 2nd delivery attempt.

Having lived in Costa Mesa at one time, I can assure you that there is, in fact, a Bristol Street. And it’s Santa Ana, not Santa Anna. :slight_smile:

Did someone accuse you of lying about it?

That seems like the most likely explanation to me.