How could I get a copy of an old movie that apparently isn't available for sale?

My wife saw an old movie many years ago that she really loved, and recently had me help her find what it’s name was with We found the movie, but it’s apparently not being distributed on videotape - all we could find for sale was the soundtrack. I’ve done some searching on the internet and can’t seem to find it anywhere…I realize I’d probably have to accept a tape someone made at home off of TV, that would be fine.

Anyway, the movie is ‘C’era una volta’, AKA ‘More than a Miracle’ AKA ‘Cinderella Italian Style’. It’s from 1967 and stars Sophia Loren and Omar Sharif. If nobody has an idea where to find a copy is there any way to see if it’s being shown on TV anytime in the near future? My next step is to see if I can talk AMC or TCM into showing it.

I searched a few places where I’ve found elusive videos before to no avail.

After that I searched The British Board of Film Classification as they have all UK film and video releases listed (since they’re the guys who decide on the certs and what should be banned). They only had it listed in film version so I think we can assume it was never released on video in the UK at least.

I agree your best bet is to contact some TV channels and whine at them to show it. Good luck!

If you go to TCM, they have a “Request a Movie” link at the top. They may not have the rights to show it, but it couldn’t hurt.

You have 6 days and 15 hours (from when this message was posted) to go here.

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Should the mods have to remove this link, just do a search on ebay for Sophia Loren Omar Sharif and it’ll show up.

That auction item is a lobby card for the movie, not a video.

Thanks! The request didn’t function properly, but I’ll keep trying.

Oops. I’ll go slink back into my corner now.

I did check and TCM has shown it in the past and has it in their library, so friggae’s idea is probably a good choice.

Two publications, Classic Images (a monthly newspaper) and Films of the Golden Age (a quarterly magazine) have scads of ads from companies and individuals that sell “under-the-counter” videos of films not available elsewhere. You can access both pubs at