How deadly are permethrin and tetramethrin to cats?

During this exceptionally hot and dry summer we seem to have a real problem with houseflys so I bought some Raid fying insect spray. Stuff works like a charm but out of curiosity I Googled the active ingredients and found they are toxic to cats – YIKES!

I’ve been spraying the little buggers when they land on windows and a few times right out of the air but now I’m afraid for the cat.
The percentages are pretty low (I think):
0.01% permethrin
0.35% tetramethrin

Will casual spray with this stuff hurt the cat? I’m sure I didn’t get any directly on her but I kind of lingers in the air. Should I get her to the vet? Keep an eye on her for any reaction? Not worry about it?

What’s the best course of action here?

IANA Vet, but my google-fu brings up this:

Apparently cats are unusually sensitive to permethrin, but those low levels aren’t a major cause for concern. The more serious problems happens when people directly apply 55% permethrin anti-flea cream that’s intended for dogs – that can sometimes be fatal. Your .01% sprayed around the room is (obviously) far less, unless you emptied the entire can so there’s literally puddles.

I can’t find any data specifically about tetramethrin and cats…

If I were you, I’d call the vet only if I saw any tremors, seizures, or other possible symptoms. And ventilate the room to be safe.

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Hitching a ride onto this thread, I was recently issued some work-clothes that come pre-treated with Permethrin. The clothing comes with an ingredients label (yes, really) that claims that these things are 5% permethrin and 95% garment (so everything else the things are made out of ).

Do I need to be concerned about the cat getting near these clothes, or am I fine if i just keep them in a bag by themselves for now?