How did "Dry Bob" prostitution work?

I read somewhere, I forgot exactly where, that in the old days prostitutes would offer a “Dry Bob” for a cheaper price than the usual copulation. Presumably because of avoidance of disease or at least pregnancy? The source didn’t give anymore information other than to mention the “dry bob” existed and was cheaper.

Is there any other information of this? Was the buyer/trick/john finished in another way, or did he just leave? Or is this whole “dry bob” with a prostitute a myth?

London prostitutes in the Ripper days usually took a John standing up, and supposedly few of them noticed or cared that they were between her thighs and not in the glory hole. Says something for both the men’s skill and the pro’s…

Sounds like a really unpleasant BJ. I’d be willing to pay substantially less for that.

If her ladyship is plumpish and lubricated between the thighs, it could/can be quite satisfying.

I’ve done it that way a few times, sometimes by choice and sometimes because she was up to sex but not completely in commission.

It occurs to me that in the Victorian era, the gal might have been lubricated by the last guy. Eee-yuck.

The technical term is “diamerizein” (from the Greek).

know as a “glazed bun.”

Or sloppy seconds.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I swear I thought this was some kind of joke untill I Googled it :wink:

Goddamn. Never, never name your kid Robert.

…I would have assumed a condom of some sort. Go figure.

It would be.

I knew there was a technical term for it, but actually “intercrural intercourse” was probably the phrase I was thinking of.

For the more expensive service she removes the scabs.

The cite says it is copulation without emission(ejaculation?) which is a bit different, more like withdrawal sex.

The gals best at it were known as thigh masters.

You don’t want to know about the butt masters. Really. You don’t. They started at about 350 pounds, and…

That’s REALLY expensive for a street hooker.

[shakes fist in the air] Damn you, just lost a cup of very good coffee laughing at that mental image!