How did I get so busy? truly mpsims

What a week! I haven’t been so busy in ages.

I spent a good deal of time working in my kitchen, preparing for the renovation I will be doing soon. I tore out plaster and lath, tore out bad floor planks, and did a lot of cleaning up.

I spent most of Friday on my knees and elbows scrubbing the kitchen floor. Was that ever fun! :rolleyes: One of the nastiest jobs was cleaning up under and around the range. Can you say “eeww?” Grease was all gummed up in some areas, so badly that Goo Gone wouldn’t work on it. I had to use some really powerful solvent stuff to get rid of it.

I got a new muffler installed on my car. The old one was really bad and making lose a lot of mileage as well as being noisy.

I tore down the old wooden deck steps that went to the front door, as they weren’t safe to use any longer. I spent much of saturday morning getting lumber and materials for building a new deck in place of the old one. The weather isn’t co-operating for that now, though. It has been raining like mad. I don’t know when I will be able to start work on building it, but hopefull things will dry up soon.

That same day, shopping for lumber, I noticed my feet were saoking wet, but I knew I hadn’t stepped in any puddles. I found out both heels of my shoes had split really bad and had big holes in them. I had go shopping for new shoes.

I finally received and installed new replacement parts for my home gym. It took two weeks for them to arrive. I will be gald to start working out again. Even though my “down time” was only two weeks, I feel a lot better when I get my daily workout. I don’t know how I will find time for it, with all the construction stuff I am doing.

I had to go shopping for Mother’s day gift for my mom, went to church… I’ve had, and still have, a million other things to do, as well, like laundry, painting, yard work, etc. Something is crazy! I have not been so busy in years, it seems. Maybe it doesn’t sound out of the ordinary to you, but it is to me.

The odd thing of it all is, * I kind have been liking being busy.* That is the scary part. Even worse, is that I’m not complaining. I usually abhorr being busy. I don’t like the fact that I am beginning to like being busy. I think losing my cat, Patches, two weeks ago, must have changed me more than I realized. After my mourning was over, was when this all seemed to begin. Maybe I am starting to rediscover life. I certainly haven’t felt this alive, and joyful for a long time.

I have a feeling things are going to get even busier, very soon. I know that’s possibly a good thing, but it’s definitely alien to me. Why am I liking being busy? Busy is supposed to be bad. No rest for the weary.

Mom will be having outpatient surgery in a week. She’ll be needing a lot of help from me, while she is recovering. That’s going to be difficult. The Dr. says it will be about 2 to 3 weeks for her to fully recover.

When all that is done with, what’s next? a job? a woman? Sheesh. I hardly know myself lately. There’s just too much activity, too much optimism, and too much joy. Am I in the Matrix? Should I take the red pill, or the blue pill… hmmm

Take no pills. Stay on the track you’re on. Busy is good.

Busy is good indeed! Way to go, MSK.

Ringo, Tansu, Why is busy good?

Busy bad. Tree pretty.

Look at all the things you achieved.
Old bits of lath and wood in kitchen - gone!
Filthy floor - now clean!
New car muffler - sorted!
Unsafe steps - gone!
Materials for new steps - bought!
Holed shoes - new shoes!

Be self-satisfied - you deserve it. You’d be well within your rights to wave your arms in the air and yell “I rock! Go me! Wooo!”

Working yourself into the ground for no joy is bad, but working for all these achievements for you, and knowing that you did all these things - that’s good.

And personally, I’d rather be physically tired than mentally tired.

I suppose you are right, but as the saying goes, “All work and no play…”

Meesa has no play time! Meesa getting burned out. Meesa needs some FUN!