How Did Janet Napolitano Get her Job?

I was just reading her latest revelation…that Canada allowed the 9/11 tragedy to happen! This after her ridiculous memo , accusing US Army veterans of being right-wing terrorists! This woman appears to have the mentalty of a 16 year old…does anybody know WHY Obama picked her for HSD head
She appears to be totally divorced from reality-is she quite sane?

Terrorists have come across the border from Canada. However, she misspoke when she said

It was a clear mistake which she corrected later.

And this is your reaction a misstatement (even though it was a sensitive one)? It seems like a poor tone to start a GD thread.

Aw, don’t be too hard on Ralphie. After all, Drudge has this headline (**PAPER: ‘How did she get her job?’… **) on the front of the page, but no link yet (don’t hold your breath) to the retraction. You can’t possibly expect him to regurgitate talking points and partyline rebuttals that quickly, can you?

I call bullshit right off the bat. She didn’t accuse army veterans of being right wing terrorists. The report which her department produced stated that army veterans are likely to be recruited by right-wing extremists. That doesn’t make sense to you? Who do you think right-wing extremist are going to try to recruit? The kids smoking pot behind the student union? No, that’s who the left-wing extremists go after.

That talking point is lame.

What was lame was her overall point. Trying to paint the northern border as equally problematic as the southern one, in a transparent attempt to build a rationale for not doing anything about illegal immigration at the border. “Yeah, let’s wait till they get here, find jobs, then go after the employer—and if we find any, “undocumented” workers in the process, well maybe we’ll do something about them. But it’s not like they’ve broken any laws or anything.”

The fact that an Attorney General could issue such a statement and keep her job is amazing. There’s “change” for you.

Well, when the head honcho of the freaking VFW doesn’t have a problem with your assessment of veteran issues, then you know anyone who claims that it is crapping on veterans is simply stirring shit up.

I think she got it because her name sounds like some really really tasty sort of ice cream, and who can resist that?

But not to worry, ralph, Boehner and Cantor are due to ask the president to make her resign, tomorrow.

I don’t know what they’ll do if Obama tells them to blow it out their ears, but it might involve eating a gallon or more of ice cream. I hear that can be comforting to some.

She got her job because she was big into securing the Southern Border and got very involved with border issues.

I thought it was because all the illegal aliens knew the ways and means to New Orleans.

I don’t think she has any history of horse judging, or anything like that, so… I got nothin’.

Well, duh. They got all the good weed.

She got her job because Obama’s a confused Concrete Blonde fan?

The Napolitanos are one of the Five Families of Akron.

Blagojevich was a pimp. He never coulda out-fought Bill Ayers.

The irony of this is that I can remember Bill O’Reilly going ballistic about Canada letting in terrorists, and even having some Canadian emissary on the show (an Ambassador or something, I don’t remember) and going into one of his eye-bugging, apopleptic rages at the guy.

But I didn’t know until this day that it was Napolitano all along

Oprah’s really the boss of bosses. I heard she once got a black guy elected President just to win a bet. The other bosses are scared shitless of her. Rumors are that she makes Capone look like Santa Claus. I hear she’s the one who disappeared bin Laden. I wouldn’t want to cross her.

Its a Cecilian message. He sleeps with the hamsters.

She got her job because Arizona is in a shitstorm of a budget crisis. Had she remained governor, she’d see her popularity drop like other Dem. governors have seen in when they’ve had to propose spending cuts, tax increases, and battle state employee and teacher unions.

She turned that mess over to Jan Brewer. Now, she can sit in Washington and come back to challenge McCain or Kyl and flip a Republican senate seat.

Obama isn’t stupid.

And the thread is won in Post 16.