Will Napolitano take a dive

Over the past year where has our Secretary of Homeland Security focused her Department’s attention?

[li]Teabaggers[/li][li]Returning Veterans[/li][li]Abortion Protesters[/li][li]Immigration Policy Protesters[/li][/ul]

Even though this focus may not have been entirely her decision, will, or should, she take a fall for the Administration’s lack of interest in Al-Qaeda and radical Islam?

Republicans have blocked getting a TSA chief in but apparently that is the Democrats fault (despite the proposed guy enjoying actual bi-partisan support). Napolitano said some stupid stuff but hardly worth axing someone over. Obama has upped the war in Afghanistan, something the previous administration neglected so hard to see how the admin ignores Al Qaida.

Also, can the OP cite that it is HSA policy to actually ignore terror threats? (guessing no)

Who says the administration has a lack of interest in al-Qaida or radical Islam, exactly?

If you believe heads must roll for the someone letting the crotch-bomber on board that Delta flight, I’ll need to examine whether Naploitano is the appropriate head. At this point I’m not sure

If this is just administration-bashing disguised as a call for debate, I’ll leave you to it.

Apparently the information was stopped somewhere in between State and DHS. I don’t know if it’s fair to blame Napolitano for this. I hope she doesn’t lose her job over this. It would be silly.

Yea, when the “Blackhawk Down” incident in Somalia occurred Les Aspin payed with his job. If you read the book (forget the movie), he really wasn’t responsible. The neocons accused Bill Clinton of not being competent to be Commander in Chief because of one F’ed up incident that was a result of a mess he was left with.

When Katrina went haywire, it took forever for Brownie to bail out. Bush actually told us he did a good job and the system worked. When the second Iraq war went all wrong it took years for Rumsfeld to get the boot. No accountability there.

Napolitano may have to pay, but if so, you can chalk it up to politics.

I’m just looking at the President’s own words:

Sounds to me like he’s looking to for someone to blame…

That doesn’t mean he should blame Napolitano. Someone’s at fault, I just don’t think it’s Janet Napolitano.

Unless they can dump on an underling and show documentation that person dropped the ball, then the default is usually the old “the fish is rotten at the head” theory.

Objection: Assumes facts not in evidence.

Napolitano stands by controversial report (from April 16th)

Ok, now you just need to prove Teabaggers, Abortion protestors and immigration policy protestors.

I didn’t think it necessary to quote the entire article (also frowned upon in these parts). I’m almost positive you have the ability to read

Oh yeah. I remember this. I can’t believe anyone still thinks this is significant. This is the same report that basically outlined a bunch of vague possible threat groups. Which also included left-wing groups, but the right-wing blogosphere left out details that didn’t suit it’s anti-Narrative.

It’s funny that you actually mention this report now, considering when it was current any proponent was eviscerated as to how stupid it was to think that DHS was singling out veterans, abortion protestors, immigration protestors and teabaggers.


Since nothing actually happened (no deaths, no injuries), there doesn’t seem to be enough political heat that the administration actually needs a fall guy.

Thanks to the Flying Dutchman!

That’s what you call “focus[ing] her Department’s attention”?!? Not repudiating a perfectly ordinary and unexceptionable report commissioned under President Bush?!?

Come, flickster, surely you don’t mean to insult our intelligence this way. Why not try again?

Are you saying she didn’t support the findings of the report?

If so, why would she follow with an apology to the American Legion?

I think we’re both saying that the report doesn’t say what you think it says.

Someone is definitely at fault: The screener at Schiphol Airport.

Wishful thinking, flickster. She’s not getting fired and you’re nowhere near the mark about her record.