How did Rudy get to Georgia?

And they end up at White Castle.

I’ll allow it.

Getting NPH involved is key, though.

Yes, but he can’t be spanking Rudy.

Just no.

You realize you’ve just created Rudy and Kumar go to White Castle.

I was kind of thinking that, yes.

But probably with more cheap scotch, and less weed.

But, hash oil leaking from Rudy’s head.

This seems rather nitpicky to me. Of course it wasn’t technically impossible for him to fly (except in the Dumbo sense, where I believe flying IS impossible, even if Rudy truly believes he can fly), nor was I saying that he used that word. But that was the gist of his excuse, that he was instructed by his doctors that flying was extremely dangerous, even life-threatening. But when the judge didnt buy his bullshit, he flew by his own choice. Some people would have said “OK, now I have to take the damned train to Georgia” but not Rudy.

It’s not nitpicking. Those are very different things. What you portrayed in the OP was inaccurate.

I’ve been in the situation before, where it’s technically impossible to fly somewhere because there are no available flights, or I’m not allowed to fly because of Covid. And I’ve also been in the situation where doctors advised my wife not to fly for medical reasons but she chose to anyway.

It’s also possible he was lying (maybe the doctor had warned him against flying a while back but the time when it was a danger had passed) or the risk was extremely minimal and he exaggerated it as an excuse. With Rudy neither would surprise me. But the whole point of your OP (and your actual words) was to ask how he got down there if it was impossible to fly. The answer is simply that it wasn’t impossible and nobody said it was.

That’s not a nitpick, that’s a crucial difference and kind of makes your premise moot.

ETA: I don’t for a second, though, doubt that Rudy is a weasel who completely tried to use that as an excuse to not appear in court. He was squirming like a worm on the hot pavement wanting to avoid that situation. Whatever the circumstances for his travel down there, it’s satisfying to know that he was dragged unwillingly in front of a judge.

I’m pretty surprised that Rudy wasn’t able to come up with a doctor’s note for the judge. He needed a note saying he wasn’t cleared to fly and couldn’t travel for more than 4 hours by car. Couldn’t he use Ronny Jackson? Maybe it had to be his surgeon.

If he really had stents placed, he’s probably on blood thinners.

Is there a place here to talk about the Fulton County, GA, case itself?

In which case the judge could then ask how he was traveling around the past month, as he was seen in multiple states.

See this thread:

Maybe he should have produced one from Epstein’s mother.

That situation is not “technically impossible”–you could find a private pilot who owns his own plane and, though he hasn’t flown in years because of a traumatic incident in his youth involving a rabid bat that got loose in the cockpit, persuade him to overcome his fears and fly you out of there.

Or am I nitpicking now? Yes, I am. And yes, you were.

He could have taken the Crescent from NY Penn to Atlanta. It leaves at 2:15pm and gets to Atlanta at 8:43am the next day, so if you want to say he’s Leaving on the Midnight Train to Georgia it’s close enough for me.

Not about Georgia, but good.

Who the hell would hire him? I don’t think you need a licence to defend yourself.

He stopped messing around, so didn’t wind up in jail.