How did Rudy get to Georgia?

For all the excuse-making (he claimed his medical condition made flying impossible), I suspect he didn’t bite the bullet and travel by bus, train, car or motorcycle in the end, but simply got on a flight. “Oh, well, my bullshit didn’t work–guess I’d better fly and get called a liar for the eightieth time this week” except I haven’t read anything about how he traveled. Have you heard anything?

How did Rudy get to Georgia?

He was looking for a soul to steal.

Story for those wondering what Roger is going on about:

On the Midnight Train, of course.

“Practice, practice, practice.”

(Or maybe that’s “legal malpractice”.)

He got on in South Detroit.

Well done.

Showing up in court in a wheelchair was a trend a while back, and Rudy would have had the perfect excuse after his traumatic back injury.

I seem to recall this kinda bullshit for sympathy in mobster cases in NY . . . if only I could remember the name of the guy in charge of the prosecutions.
Drudy? No. Trudy? No, it was a dude. Grudey? No, I think that’s from Guardians of the Galaxy. It’ll come to me, I’m sure.

Nah, he took the Night Train

That Night Train’s a mean wine.

And I bet Rudy is a mean drunk.

So the two go together like, I don’t know, tyranny and …

Giualiani was a bullfrog.

Was a good friend of mine.

I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him drink his wine.

Getting back on the real topic, I found this article.

The judge is very unsympathetic as Rudy’s lawyers claim he can’t travel.

that article is from BEFORE Rudy showed up in court yesterday. I remain curious in why no one I’ve read seems to have looked into how Rudy traveled to Georgia. Was he seen in NYC, for example, the night before he showed up in Atlanta? That would seem to pin down “air travel” as his choice, “medical issues” notwithstanding.

Or do people just consider Rudy telling lies to the court as his standard M.O., and not worth exploring?

I found this article…

As it turns out, Giuliani’s claim that he couldn’t fly also flies in the face of the fact that he has been traveling, as recently as a trip to New Hampshire, according to his tweet.

He flew.

Not that I want to defend Goo-liani, but it’s quite possible he wasn’t lying at all. He could have very well been telling the truth about having medical advice not to travel by plane. That makes it an excuse rather than a lie.

I am trying to find that, and I’m not finding it. What I’m finding is the claim that he wasn’t “cleared for air travel”. That’s different from saying it’s “impossible”. He could certainly choose to risk his health by flying, and it seems that is what he did.

I do think that he was just using this as an attempt to weasel out of appearing, and the judge was clearly having none of it.

Isn’t heart stent surgery done by running the stent up your femoral artery? It’s not open-heart. I’m pretty sure he was cleared to fly by the time he flew.

Did you see this part of the AP article describing him returning home, via LaGuardia airport, which I cited upthread?

It’s life imitating art…or something.

“Uber or whatever”.

Damn, now I want a movie about Rudy’s Epic Uber Ride. He catches an Uber to Georgia. Of course, the driver is a recent immigrant to the US, trying to make a living in the gig economy. Gradually, they get deeper and deeper into a discussion of everything that’s wrong with American right now.

Okay, new title: “My Uber with Rudy”.