Federal investigators raid giuliani's new york apartment

breaking news, still in the beginning. the feds are at giuliani’s apartment with a search warrant. electronics have been taken into custody.

things just got really serious.

I hope that they seriously shower and disinfect themselves after having been in there touching everything. They guy is a walking cooties farm.

I hope they didn’t give Giuliani any time to destroy evidence. /s

Thanks, Barr.

I do hope they don’t find anything trivial.

Best news of the week. Hope they find enough to throw his sorry ass in jail forever. If they go after Billy Barr next, that would make my year.

Throw in a indictment for that smacked ass Sebastian Gorka and that’s a trifecta.

two locations have been searched. it is believed to be primarily part of the ukraine investigation.

Here’s a link.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping weighs in

And this is their real blue check account. It’s pretty amusing - at first I thought it was a parody account. They tweeted regret at losing the press conference where Andrew Guiliani announced his possible candidacy for NY governor to Rich Carlton’s Bait and Tackle Shop, and another tweet showed a drawing of people lining up to spend their stimulus checks at the porn shop next door.

I think the past few months have been real good to them, and their whole Twitter feed is pretty funny


they also had search warrants for victoria toensing.

This delights me as much as the Giuliani stuff.

Toensing and her corrupt hubby, Joe DiGenova, have been vile excrescences in our politics for a very long time. Toensing represented Scooter Libby back in the day when he was involved in the leak of Valerie Plame Wilson’s covert status with the CIA.

If anyone ever wondered why Trump pardoned Libby, look no further than Toensing’s relationship with both.

Looks like we have confirmation that the warrants against Giuliani were being blocked by Barr.

It’s refreshing to see that the DOJ has been de-politicised.Republicans will not be able to comprehend what I just said.
After reading what I said, Republicans will have the confused dog sideways head thing happening. You know, like Tucker Carlson does.

I don’t think Rudy Guiliani realizes how much trouble he’s in simply because he’s insane. He’s totally and completely bonkers. Right wing media causes brain damage and he’s a drooling, blathering public service announcement - this is your brain on NewsMax.

But in what’s left of his brain, he either believes that nothing he did was wrong in any way, shape or form — or he believes it’s justified by the extraordinary circumstances of the impeding apocalypse, Radical Left Biden Socialist Communist Globalist Pedophile World Domination.

I think he genuinely believed that their was nothing wrong with colluding with a Russian agent to get dirt on Joe Biden to help Trump in the 2020 election, he probably subscribed to the theory that if Trump thought it was in the best interest of the country for him to win, he could use the full power of the Presidency and all the resources of the US government in furtherance of that goal. Or not, anything his head subscribes to is probably drowned out by the circus music. Anyway, he’s said publicly that he knew the Ukrainian that was feeding him information might be a Russian agent.

I suspect that this investigation will also cover events around the pressure campaign on Zelensky, the one that lead to Trump’s first impeachment. IIRC, there were occasions when Team Trump claimed Rudy wasn’t working for Trump, but for his own clients. This was done to shield Trump but probably left Rudy exposed. And I bet Rudy defends himself by claiming he was acting as Trump’s lawyer during those exchanges. This is a typical Trump tactic, used frequently with Michael Cohen.

Anyway, I think Guiliani is so deranged that he genuinely believes every single piece of propaganda and every conspiracy theory that he spews. Every time he goes off on Soros I wonder just how much time he’s been spending with Russian agents, because “Soros is the root of all evil” is a very Putinesque talking point.

But I think he’s just gone completely batshit, and I blame right wing media - although I think there’s a chance someone is spiking his scotch with LSD.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. That made my day :rofl:

Son Andrew, in the midst of an angry press conference, strongly implied that he and Pops were practically waving around Hunter’s laptop while the search was ongoing but, alas, to no avail. No takers from the cops.

And yes, plenty of commenters at right wing sites believed exactly that.

Luckily he didn’t secrete enough brown fluid to alter his skin color during the raid, turning the apartment into a free-fire zone.

Ah yes, Rudy and his Joker Brand hair dye, forever in the annals of history.

It seems to me that if there was anything on Hunter’s laptop it would have been out in the open by now.

These warrants aren’t handed out lightly, particularly regarding lawyers and even more particularly to those with such high political profiles. They must have compelling probable cause. Expect to hear nothing more for months if not years. I hope there’s something that will implicate Don the Con and his chief henchman Billy Barr, but we’ll just have to wait.

Thanks for that, I have been looking for a way to summarize the Pubs worldview, that is getting close, a few things could be added but it woud not all fit on a bumpersticker or in a soundbite

They call it the RLBSCGPWD, so it’s easy to remember.