How did you feel when Alex Trebek shaved off his mustache?

This trivial little reminiscence is just for fun, but what kind of reaction did you have when the late, great Alex Trebek shaved off his iconic mustache back in 2001? Did it propel you into an existential crisis? Or did you prefer him without it? Or did you hardly notice or care one way or the other?

I for one was sorry. The mustache was quite distinctive; with it he looked like an alpha male (think Magnum P.I.); without it, it really seemed like something was missing and like he had a prominent dimple under his nose. The Jeopardy experience just wasn’t the same without it.

Then in 2014, he re-grew the mustache, and polled viewers as to whether or not he should keep it. The result was roughly 50-50 for/against - and Alex’ wife voted against. He shaved it off again. (He did the same thing in 2018 with a full beard. This time, a majority of fans voted in favor, but then his wife voted against the beard, so off it went). After this, I figured, sure. He should please his wife (an attractive brunette significantly younger than him, for the record) over some geeky fans.

Here, by the way, is a funny clip from the Howard Stern show where Alex talks about this very subject.

It was the beginning of the end for Western Civilization.

It was, is, and forever will be, impossible for me to care any less.

I felt that he had sold out. That 'stache was sexy.

I just want to say that I am honored, and humbled, to be allowed to wear a beard and mustache, like St. Trebek, and I only hope that I can live up to his ideals and standards. Thank you.

Wear a 'stache when you’re young, a full beard when you’re old.

I wore a 'stache in my 20s. Made me feel like I’d just walked off the set of a porn flick! :smirk:

Just like Weird Al Yankovic!

-Basically like the famous person in your avatar did.

Bingo! I got the fisherman’s sweater too. :wink:

I felt bad for Alex. He looked so urbane and distinguished with the mustache, while without it, just a pleasant looking older gentleman. Good looking guy, Alex Trebek shoulda kept the 'stash.

I’m not sure whether he objectively looked better with or without, but at some point his mustachioed look became so damn iconic that shaving it off was like demolishing a historic landmark.

Back in '09 when I was on the show (one time and I lost), in the short bit after where the contestants are standing up front during the credits, I asked him if he ever felt “phantom mustache” pains. He gave me a slightly dirty look and walked back to his dressing room as the taping wrapped up.

Never got an answer.

“How do you think I feel? Betrayed, bewildered…wrong response?” [/Nathan Lane]

And THAT is why I don’t miss Trebek one bit. You could sense that attitude even during the meet and greet section of the show.


I felt like I feel about most things during waking hours. Nothing and or apathy.