How did your Congressman vote on the FISA Bill?

It’s called the Protect America Act, and you can find out how your Rep voted at

Mine (Chris Murphy), CT voted No.

I’m ashamed to admit that I had to look up my congressman on this web site. Can’t know how he votes if I don’t know who he is.

My congressman, FL Rep. John Mica ®, voted Yes

And you can check howw your Senators voted on it, at

My Congressman (Danny Davis) voted no, as did both Illinois Senators. No surprises there!

All three of my toolbags–I mean congressmen–voted yes. Two pubbies and a dem.

And all of the Oklahoma senators and representatives voted Yes.

No surprise there, depressingly.

My representative, Steve Cohen(TN), voted No. I have such a Cohen Crush.

As for the senators, Lamar Alexander didn’t vote, and Corker voted yes. I wasn’t surprised.

My Congresswoman, Tammy Baldwin, voted NO, as did both of my Senators.

My Congresswoman, Jane Harman, voted No. Of the two morons who represent me in the Senate, one (Boxer) didn’t bother to vote :mad:, and the other idiot (Feinstein) voted Yea. :mad: :mad:

A hat trick of Nays, for me.

My Rep voted no. He’s a D, representing a heavily D area. No surprises there.

Both my Senators, one D and one R, voted YEA. Good for them.

Since you’re just polling for how each critter voted, I’ll move this to IMHO.

Oddly enough, my congresswoman, E.B. Johnson voted no. Of course, both Senator morons voted yes.

My congressman, Ben Chandler (D - KY), crossed party lines and voted “Yea”. I might have to go slap the shit out of him.

I won’t even look up my senators - I mean, is there any doubt how Mitch McConnell voted?

My congressman is a Republican of the authoritarian school. His vote was for the bill.

Diane Feinstein also voted “yea.” I don’t write members of congress since I wrote Alan Cranston and got an entirely inappropriate response from a flunky. George Will wrote a column exposing the fatuities of a report by the Grace Commission on government waste, a report that Cranston supported. I sent a copy to Cranston’s office along with my complaints about the report. I received a form letter thanking me for supporting Senator Cranston.

However, in this case I did email both Feinstein and Harry Reid telling them how shameful I thought the action was.

My critters voted No. Good for them.

My congressman, Henry Waxman (D - California) voted nay. Shayna and David Simmons already got my two senators.

Dicks (WA-6), Nay.

Cantwell, Nay; Murray, Not Voting.

I have no idea.

Who’s my congressman, anyway? (Georgia)

Don’t answer, I don’t care.

My congressman (D) voted no, but both my senators (one D, one R) voted yes.