How do famous peole get regular mail?

From among all the fan mail.I imagine their bills go to their accountant. We heard that presidents have some code number to get teir personal mail. A secret PO Box might work.

Personal Mail arrives from a post office box, as you say. This is identified only by a number, and only the post office knows to whom it belongs.

Fan Mail tends to arrive in bags, and is either delivered from the agency, record/film/publishing etc… company or from the fan club.

Political entities tend to have underlings who read the mail from the masses.

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Fan mail is usually routed through a company – either the network (for TV), the production company (for movies), or the record company. If none are present, then there’s a management firm and an official fan club address.

Personal mail often goes to the actual street address, which isn’t given out except maybe on the Hollywood “Tours of the Stars’ Homes.” If there’s a problem with that, the stars probably have a P.O. Box.

Incidentally, you can find the addresses of some stars merely by looking at the P.O.'s official zip code directory. Some of them actually have their own Zip+4. I discovered Walter Cronkeit’s home address that way.

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