How Do Get to McD's Splash Page???

Maybe it’s just me, ok, but every time I stop at a McD’s and try to connect my laptop to their Wi-Fi, I can NEVER EVER access their splash page easily! To be clear, as I understand it, a splash page is where one would agree to the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) before being allowed to actually surf the web. At best, I can get to Under the side bar menu choices (as there is no top menu bar), one says “Services”. Then, under that, there is a sub-menu of which one choice says “Free Wi-Fi”. I would think this would readily bring me to the splash page,. but no! it gives me all kinds of wi-fi related information EXCEPT access to the splash page! (Have others experienced this?) So, how do I get to the splash page?

I should add there’s something f’d up with McD’s choices for Wi-Fi connections. I find there are two [seemingly] valid Wi-Fi choices (when I right-click on the signal “bars” shown in my tray). Very often, one choice is “Wayward” somthing er other. And, the other choice is “ATTWIFI”, as I recall. Now, McD’s claims they have free Wi-Fi by AT&T, so I connect to the ATTWIFI choice. I fiddle with the McD’s webpage, and at some point in frustration, I go to the Wayward choice. Somehow, jockeying between all choices, it seems I trick the McD’s spash page to appear. But, I should say, I have no clue what IS actually tripping the splash page to appear.

There’s got to be an easier way! So, what’s the factual way to start surfing the net at most (US) McDs?

From McDonald’s website: “When in the McDonald’s restaurant, just turn on your computer (or PDA), select ‘Wayport_Access’ from the available wireless networks and open the Internet browser. You will be pointed to the McDonald’s splash page where you can select the CONNECT button.”

From what I understand, once you connect to their WiFi you just have to go to your browser and try to connect to any webpage, you will instead get the McD agreement page.

That’s pretty much what I do in the hotels and airports in which I’ve used the free WiFi; try to connect to an external website (Google, Yahoo, New York Times, etc), and I’m first redirected to the hosting company splash screen.

It can take a longish time for the page to come up, though.