How do I add an 's' onto my name?

How do I add an ‘s’ onto my last name? Do I have to so something legally or can I just add the ‘s’???


I changed my name in 1988 and went through the court. In Georgia, you are required to put an ad in the legal section of the classifieds which appears once per week for four weeks. This is supposed to give anyone who you may owe money to challenge the change. Then you go to court and swear that you are not changing your name for illegal purposes. The judge strikes the gavel and you are your new name. You also get a legal document stating the change that you use to get your SS# & driver’s license changed. Then it’s up to you to make any other changes (utilities, subscriptions, etc).

or get married, even for a man - you can use this to change your name leagally and without all the hubbub of a judge and running ads.
not a reason to get married in my opinion but there have been marrages of convienences before

Cecil says

What you linked to is true, bibliophage. However, I think in common practice one might run into many potential difficulties without going through the steps like Mr. Blue Sky mentions. A cousin of mine made a very small, seemingly insignificant name change to himself - he removed the “Jr” from his name, because of a serious and irrevocable falling out with his father.

Everyone gave him unholy hell about it - the DMV, Social Security, his employer (his employer actually threatened to fire him unless he changed it back), credit agencies. When he finally got a court to give him a document (as previously described) most problems went away, but he was still mailing notarized copies of it to practically everone and their grandma, so to speak.

Just warning about possible repercussions of relying on common law.