How do I adjust the color coming out of my second monitor in Vista?

I’ve recently obtained an old LCD panel to attach to my Vista laptop via an analog D-Sub connection. It’s running an SXGA display at 70 hz (don’t even know if that matters to anyone).

Anyway, I’m not very pleased with the color of the new display. The “white” has a definite bluish tint to it. From loading up a few big “color charts” and wheels, I think that the display has decent color performance, but somehow the analog connection just isn’t making it fly very well.

So, I loaded up the Vista “Color Management” dialog and it didn’t seem to help much. There are a list of five profiles or so that I can load, but none of them seem to make any difference, and there isn’t anything that lets me screw around with profiles itself it seems.

I remember back in 1995 that my graphics card came with this program that would let me adjust the “color temperature” and even play around with little levels curves, something that makes sense to me in a way that loading up an XML profile doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me at all. Unfortuinately, none of the included nVidia software seems to have stuff like this either.

So, how can I go about fine-tuning the color on this display to get it to the color that I want it? I son’t need to use it for professional graphics work or anything, I just want to get rid of the blue tint. Is there something in Vista or an add on that might allow me to do this?

Ahem, bump.

The blue tint sounds like the monitor color temperture is set to 9300 K. Most reasonably modern monitors have built-in color temperature settings. Try lowering it to somewhere in the 7000 K range. 6500 K will probably look a bit warm, and anything below that will have a definite yellow-orange tone.

If the monitor has independent RGB controls instead of color temperature presets, try lowering the blue intensity a bit. It will have the same overall effect.

Right, but unfortunately my monitor doesn’t have a temperature control directly built in that’s accessible from the keys on the monitor itself. All I can do is brightness, contrast, and a little bit of position shifting, but no colors.

So, I guess what I need is some sort of software tool that can run on Vista to change the output to that specific monitor?