How do I build an "Ionic" Air Purifier

You know, like the $350 Sharper Image model?

A friend of mine was telling me that it is essentially just static electricity and building one would be a simple matter. However, when asked, he declined to explain exactly how.

Anyone have any suggestions?

My father has a zillion of these homemade ion generators scattered about the house – I even made one for my eighth grade science project. It doesn’t really require any special expertise. If no one answers in the meantime, I’ll try to give him a call and see if I can get any schematics.

Actually, I just glanced through goolge. Do a search for “ion generator” (in quotes) and ‘schematic’ and you’ll find oodles of links.

It’s worth mentioning that ionic air purifiers are pretty ineffective. Sure, they filter out pollutants, but the rate at which they do so is slower than the rate at which new pollutants tend to be introduced into a room.

Thanks, I searched using some ineffective terms the first few times (should have figured that someone trying to build one of these would be more sophisticated than “how to build…” or “instructions on building…”

Random: I figured that they weren’t as effective as claimed and was dismayed to find an article saying that they’re not a substitute for dusting (my purpose), but so long as at least some of the freakin’ dust in here gets pulled out, I’ll be happy. Thanks for the link though.

They really are worthless as air cleaners. I mean seriously worthless.

Also, if built wrong, they generate ozone. Over the years many commercial models have been found to generate ozone. What are the chances your homebuilt model won’t?

Electrostatic air cleaners aren’t the least bit worthless, so long as you use them properly.

Frankly, they’re the best way imaginiable to get particulates out of the air, just as long as all of the air passes through the grid.

In other words, if you have forced-air heat, install one instead just behind the duct header, because just there all the air returning to your living space is flowing through one small area.

Otherwise, don’t bother.

Sorry, I didn’t address the OP.

Those free-standing electrostatic filters are mostly usless, but so are the mechanical filters. I wouldn’t waste my time building anything.

I’d suggest building a tesla coil. Run it for too long, and the ozone reaches poisonous levels. Run it for briefs spurts, and it’ll leave your room smelling spring fresh! Plus you can tell people you own a 1920s style air purifier.

I have a Doric air purifier. Think I might get one of those fancy Corinthian air purifiers. Ricardo Montalban has one of those.