How do I buy a toilet seat?

It’s not as stupid a question as it sounds, really.

I live in Manhattan so it’s not like I can just pop into the local Home Depot, and even if I could, I’m not sure what kind of toilet seat I need. Our toilets are made by American Standard in a design that seems as if it’s no longer available so I can’t figure out if it’s a “round” or “elongated” seat. All I have is a tape measure.

From the center of the holes (where the seat actually attaches) is ~16.5 inches. Now, my first guess would be “elongated” but I’ve never, ever seen a perfectly round toilet seat so I’m betting there’s more to it than that.

Any ideas?

Oh, is there any reason why I should continue with the painted wood seats? The ones that came with this apartment seem to be suffering from water damage and they’re LOUD. I’m thinking plastic might be a good idea.

Duh. From the holes to the front lip of the toilet is ~16.5 inches.

Sue, that’s a round seat, not enlongated. You might try a padded vinyl seat but they don’t last super long.

Or you could try looking at this site.

We have two toilets in our new (old!) house and I do SO want one of these seats in them. My husband thinks they are horrible. And you did say you don’t like loud…

Ah well, just a thought.

Sure you can

I’m not waiting until next summer to replace my toilets seats. They’re gross!

But thanks for the news.

Er, sorry to untrusting, but how do you know?

Vinyl? :eek:

Sue…you have what has to be the best user name I have ever seen. On any board.

Please carry on with your toilet seat discussion.

Before Home Depot we had these little shops called “Hardware Stores.”

They can still be found in select places, including Manhattan. :slight_smile:

Unscrew your old toilet seat and bring it to one, and the helpful hardware meistro will sell you the right sized replacement.

If you don’t want to schlep a toilet seat around Manhattan, try tracing it onto a brown paper bag and cutting it out – then you’d have a template to go by. Local hardware stores may not have the quantity of stock of a big box hardware store but you are likely to find greater variety of styles. (If it’s at all convenient, try Garber Hardware on Greenwich Street.)

Why thank you! Now that I’ve had it for so long, I think I should have spelled it differently, too many think Sue done him and wonder who him is, but why bother changing it now?

Don’t you realize I have an image to uphold? I also need three seats so I’d prefer to order them online so they’ll just come here.

I suppose I’ll try TeaElle’s suggestion and head to someplace local with delivery like Gracious Home where I’ll be required to leave my first-born as payment. No matter…I suppose I wouldn’t have to replace the noisy seats at all if it weren’t for her. :smiley:

Why not draw the template, go to the hardware store, compare it to find out the size you need, and then order the appropriate seats off the web?

This might be as good a time as any to ask…

Does anyone know were to find removable toilet seats? Basically these had a notch at the pivot, so that when the seat and lid were raised over 90degrees, they could be pulled off for easy cleaning (as could the toilet itself).
Unfortunately the last one we purchased was in a Store long since gone (TSS), and the Home Depots around here (we have too many on Long Island) don’t seem to carry this. Alas, my googling brought up lots of assisted living items, but not the removable toilet seats I was looking for…

is that really necessary? I move a LOT, and every time I do I buy a new toilet seat at Target for $15. I’ve never draw one - they’re pretty standard.
I know there is a KMart in Manhattan - you can buy a toilet seat there. All you need for installation is a flathead screwdriver.

Dammit, now I want one, too! I can’t decide which one, though. If I used Linux, of course I’d go with the penguins, but I don’t. Hmmmm. Yet another decision that I’d never have thought that I’d need to make.

SirRay, I found an American Standard Rise and Shine removable seat at
Yes, I’m really spending my Saturday night looking at toilet seats on the web. Sob…

Sue did say that she was unsure of the size to buy, so making a template will make it much easier for her to know that she’s buying the right thing.

There were a couple in my fraternity house for awhile. Granted, we’re talking about a rougher toilet-seat schedule than your average house in the 'burbs, but the damn things came apart after less than six months.

That, and the surfaces were porous, ie. much more likely to be gross.

I bought one of those fifteen or twenty years ago, long before there was a Home Depot in town, so I got it at either Scotty’s or Lowe’s, probably Lowe’s. That seat is still in service.