How do I clean a leather coat?

I have a leather coat that needs to be cleaned but I’m not sure how. What is the method that works best?

Cleaning Leather.

Well, it depends what sort of leather, and how dirty it is.

QED’s link is great.

I would add:

If it’s suede and you’re trying to remove odor, lay the coat flat and dust it with a moderate layer of baking soda and leave it over night. Vac it the next day.

Leather you’re best to used a damp cloth, provided it’s not too dirty.

You can use polish on the coat once it’s clean, and make sure to use a good all protector.

I use a little neatsfoot oil to wipe down my finished leathers. If they really need to be cleaned of something…a little WD40 removes most stuff.

Split leather or unfinished…a good brushing usually does the trick.

Stains are another trick. Depends on what ya got. But a spray can of carburetor cleaner is magical. I even took some ink out of a white leather vest one day. (keep off plastic thread, buttons, etc.)

Go-jo (waterless) handcleaner is amazing stuff as well. It breaks down oil based stains and will wash out with water.

I haven’t read Q.E.D.'s link yet. Think I’ll do that now.

For any colored leathers, always test for colorfastness on a spot that won’t be noticed, just in case.