How do I clean my suede jacket?

I popped into the drycleaners the other day to get my suede jacket drycleaned, and ended up picking my jaw off the floor when the proprieter quoted me 55 freakin’ dollars!!

Given that is $40 more than I payed for the bloody thing (in the Op Shop) I was wondering if there is anyway I can clean it at home without damaging it. It IS a lovely jacket, and if there is a major risk of harm, I’ll (begrudgingly) fork out the dosh, but surely there is a way to home-clean it??? What do I do here?

Pay the man.

How to clean suede. “Brush off any dried mud, but for anything else, have a professional cleaners do it.”

How dirty is it? Is it stained? Look at it this way–it only has to be done once, and then you keep it real nice from now on, be careful where you lay it down, always hang it up, and keep it clean.

Think of it as an investment.

Or, for the same price, just buy another one. :smiley:

As Lenny Bruce said, “don’t get snot on suede!” You know what you’d have to do then.