How do I compress a PDF?

Gotta 25 megabyte PDF file that needs to go out in emails. I’ve tried with two different recipients. No love.

I am guessing it is too large. How do I compress it to a workable size? It can be locked if that helps.

Thanks in advance !!

Consider hosting the large file on another site and just emailing the link. Dropbox (or many others) makes this very easy to do.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro, there are options (in various places depending on version) to “Reduce File Size”

If you’re using like Word’s ability to “Save as…” a PDF I’m pretty sure you’re out of luck. I will second using Dropbox or Google Drive or something similar as SmartAlecCat suggested to email the link for the file to be downloaded.

Can you get access to Adobe Acrobat professional? That allows you to compress files.

Otherwise, send it out via

SanVito, I am surrounded by video editors. Acrobat Professional should be easy to do.

I’d rather compress than host.

Depending on what’s in it there may not be any compression to be had. Is this text, or a PDF wrapper around a collection of JPEG images of pages?

What tool(s) were used to produce the pdf in the first place?

Unless the PDF was created with a bunch of uncompressed TIF images (don’t laugh, I’ve seen people do it), it’s likely already compressed. You might be able to squeeze out another 10% or so smaller, but it won’t be enough to get it under the 10MB limit many people have on email.

Except–what kind of quality do you need? If it’s print-quality, see above. But if you’re looking for screen-quality, you might be able to lower the resolution. That typically requires regenerating the PDF with lower DPI images.

You don’t even need Acrobat Pro. Acrobat Standard (at least in v. XI) will let you save the file as a “reduced size PDF,” with a noticeable but not awful loss of resolution.

No, it depends on how the pdf has been saved, and from what package. It’s easy on many occasions to compress an already saved pdf in Acrobat Pro.

No, if you have Acrobat Pro, you can resave the file as an ‘optimised pdf’ or ‘reduced pdf’ and it will reduce the resolution for you. No need to go back and regenerate the pdf.

If the file is meant to be hi-res print quality, then the OP shouldn’t be compressing it anyway.

You could try opening the PDF and then printing it to a PDF. The PDF printer driver should allow you to adjust quality.

Sometimes it’s easiest (or necessary) to go back to the original document and reduce the quality of large images. I’ve seen cases where the “image” is vector graphics imported with way more detail than necessary - e.g. an Excel plot with tens of thousands of data points, imported into PowerPoint or Word as WMF. Even Acrobat Pro wouldn’t know how to compress such a picture. But importing it as bitmap into Word/PowerPoint would solve this issue.

I assume that it must be already as compressed as it can be by ordinary methods – otherwise, why not just ZIP it?

If all else fails, there’s a possibility of splitting the large file into several separate smaller files, then sending those individually, then recombining them into one file. I think you can find programs around that do that. I have one that I wrote myself many years ago for the purpose of putting huge files onto little floppy diskettes.

You can split it into multiple files with Acrobat without having to write your own program. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit of text and jpgs that need to be reduced.
To be viewed and perhaps printed, most likely saved on mobile or tablet for reference in the field. ( on film sets )

If image quality is important I would definitely suggest the Dropbox or Google Drive route. You should be able to upload the PDF, get a shareable link, then email everyone that link. Get a “shareable” link and each person shouldn’t need to be registered with Dropbox or Google to download the PDF file. Test that before you send the links out.