how do i cook preseasoned and pre cut pork carnitas?

Ok I bought a thing of preseasoned pork carnitas … it looks like a small pork roast that’s cut into 3 pieces

it looks like its got various seasoning slats and flavorings on it … I had planned on just pretty much making it like a pork roast … but the cooking directions are all to take 3 hours or more

anyone have any ideas or suggestions ?

k so its not going to be for dinner tonight … any ideas for tomorrow?

I suggest you throw it in the slow cooker and let it simmer all day until it falling apart. Maybe throw some orange peels (pull them out after cooking) and other aromatics with a little bit of chicken broth.
If you really hate yourself, you can slow cook it in lard as is the standard tradition. I can never bring myself to do that though.

Personally, I like the carnitas straight from the slow cooker. But really, your supposed to fry them up in a pan to sear them up. Or broil them in the oven for a few minutes.

I’d sear them and pressure cook them at high pressure for 45 minutes. Adding orange peel is correct, I usually add a couple of quartered oranges or some cut in half clementines, but make sure the seasoning that they already have doesn’t have that built in. Same with fresh cilantro, you want to have it, but with preseasoned pork you need to check the existing seasoning to not go over the top. It ought to have red onions as well.

I would put it in the crock pot as mentioned here. (I notice Aldi sells frozen packets of highly seasoned looking pork carnitas, I think they’re pre-cooked and ready to be microwaved.)

yeah, it’s even all marinated apparently there’s about 12 different fruit juice concentrates listed in the ingredients (thanks for bill door mentioning that) so I’m just gonna plop them in the crockpot and see see if we have any chicken broth and just let it cook

But if we dont will just some water work too?

Beer works good. After I do the slow cook I then take the nearly falling apart meat and bake it in a medium hot oven for a bit to get the crusty outside shell going that makes the tacos go from damned good to DAYUM THAT’S GOOD. :wink:

Yes, it is very highly seasoned. You just need a liquid to help it cook, water, broth, or even beer.

I’m unclear on what OP has. Carnitas is pork fried in fat, usually lard. However, what’s described seems to be just seasoned chunks of pork shoulder of maybe loin.

Not fried, actually cooked in a pot of lard. Here’s a recipe using quite a bit less lard than a potful but employs the crock pot to do up the carnitas. Looks good, I’mma have to try this.