How do I dislike the new BBC News app? Let me count the ways

Nothing earth-shaking here. My BBC News app just “upgraded” to the new “BBC GNL” app on my phone and tablet. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

It’s not just hard to read and use, but it removed the ability to select topics so your screen is customized to your interests. Now I’m scrolling through important topics (e.g., “F1” and “Health”) to find anything of actual importance and interest. And, for some reason, different topics show up each time I open it. Sometimes I get “Entertainment & Arts” on the first page, sometimes I don’t.

Just griping. I reinstalled the older version and it sort of works. I suspect it won’t for long.

Why use an app when is a normal,functioning website ?
For me, it works well both on desktop pc snd on my phone.

The site does almost exactly the same things on a tablet or phone as the new app (at least, on Chrome and the Samsung browser). They all changed at about the same time. The site is acceptable on a laptop.