How do I e-mail a thread?

There’s an “e-mail this page” button at the bottom of every thread, but I’ve never been able to use it. Whenever I hit it, I get, “You are not authorized to access this page.” Why not? I’m a logged-in user, I can read, I can post, why can’t I e-mail?

from the thread in this forum “FAQ - technical issues - please read this BEFORE posting a question”:

In IE, you can e-mail a page or a link by selecting “tools/mail and news” then “send a page” or “send a link”.

The e-mail link is still there because removing it would require customizing the software, and the staff won’t do that unless absolutely necessary.

What is “IE”?

Just bookmark the page, then put the link in the email by whatever method you normally use: copy & paste, drag & drop, etc. I can just drag the link into my emails.

IE is Internet Explorer.