How do I exchange piles of worthless old foreign currency?

My father used to bring back coinage from his travels around the world…and I’ve kept some for sentimental reasons. However, the pile has grown since then, and I now have about 30 lbs. of random coinage from everywhere (Singapore, England, China, and other unidentifiable countries). Most of them (aside from maybe British coins are close to worthless (10 liberian cents = ~ $.0002.). Can I bring them to a bank for identification/exchange; how about a foreign exchange? Anywhere else?

seth Having made my living these last 30 years in the coin business, I can tell you…

l. Banks don’t touch “foreign” coins(I prefer to call them “world” coins). Foreign is such a negative word.

  1. We buy nice mixtures of “holiday change” for $3/pound.

As a professional courtesy, I will tell you that higher value coins from countries such as Britain, Germany and Switzerland(Hi! Arnold) you might be able to get a little more for. This would be English pound and 50p coins, German 5 mark and 2 mark pieces, and Swiss 5 and 2 Franc pieces. But good luck.