How do I find a lost retirement account?

I just started a new 401k from my new job, and got my first statement. My husband walked in, and I remembered that back in the dawn of time, we used to get statements for his retirement account, too. We don’t remember what job it was from, and it was from another state. It’s been over ten years. Is the account still out there, and if so, how do we find it?

Worst case scenario: Check with the state’s unclaimed property division. One of many such web sites that track this is this one. But I don’t know if 10 years is long enough to get into the system.

I did a check using this site last year and found an unclaimed account for a relative from the early 70s. Worth about $10. Not worth filing the paperwork, but fun to come across.

I have a $100 a month annuity coming from my first job. I couldn’t remember the company name so i wrote to the employer and they had all the info i needed to contact the annuity holder. Contact your husbands former employers. They keep records on this sort of thing