How Do I Get A Signature Line Again?

How do I get a signature line here? I saw something about a plugin available, but I do not know where to get that.


You’ll probably have to do the “Regards” thing.

Then we’ll pummel you.

Plugins are for the entire board. They have to be installed by an admin. You cannot install them yourself.

Don’t have to do that. Just make up your own, distinct sigline related to the main body of the post.

Just like I do!

Do you have to type that in each time? My preferred sigline is kind of long. :slight_smile:

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First you have to say something very clever that people notice and remember you for. ^^ That one should work fine.

I do; it’s a custom “signoff.” I had an automatic signature, but I hardly used it–didn’t want to wear it out.

Custom comedy. . . every time.

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I miss mine; it was pithy sarcastic quotes from two other Dopers, followed by “Brought to you by EddyTeddyFreddy Industries, Inc., purveyors of wit, wisdom, badinage, and run-on sentences since 1949” – in very tiny type, of course.