How do I get "foreign" World Cup merchandise?

I’m hoping some other person with my tastes has figured this out.

There are several items (of World Cup official merchandise) that I desire that appear to be available only through the German arm of the World Cup shop.

All well and good except they won’t/can’t ship outside of Germany. The arms that handle North America don’t sell the stuff I want.

Any ideas, other than relying on the generosity/honesty of someone in Germany to do this for me. I have relatives there but I don’t want to hassle them for something this trivial.

If you’re sure that’s the only place you can get it and they won’t ship to you, the only thing I can think of is getting someone who is there to buy it for you. You could always try asking at someplace like the forums at BigSoccer to see if someone will do you a favor; there’s lots of people traveling to the games and they’re generally a friendly bunch if your request isn’t too far out.