How do I get Licorice flavor for a home-made milkshake?

I’ve been craving Licorice Milkshakes for a while. I haven’t been having much luck getting licorice flavoring for making them, though. :frowning: I went to the baking area in my local big-ass[sup]TM[/sup] grocery store, and the only thing I found “licorice like” is Anise Star (sp??) Extract. It tastes close, but not quite right.

Can anyone think of something I can use for flavoring to make my milkshakes taste more like licorice?


Cut up some licorice sticks and let them sit overnight in cup of water? Or vodka? I’m sure some chemist-type folks here can come up with the proper method of making your own licorice-based syrup (sometimes called a liquor).

I’m with Casey1505, Sambuca would do it, or if you want something with a little more kick, Ouzo is like all the Good ‘N’ Plenties you have ever eaten, all at once. If you want a non-alcoholic flavor, just warm either one until all the alcohol evaporates.

Try DaVinci syrups - they have almost every flavor you could think of, including licorice.

Licorice-flavored milkshake??? Can I say “Ewwwwwwwwww!” :eek:

I am very familiar with Sambuca, but its not quite what I’m looking for. Besides, I don’t want to get pissed drinking 2 milkshakes on a Sunday afternoon.

Flavored Syrups, eh? I might check that!

I’ll see your Ewwwwwww and raise you a “Uuuuuugggggghhhh”
I would raise you gagging noises ut not sure how to type them out properly.

Dear OP: That sir (or madam)is an unholy drink your craving.

I will add “RAAAAAALPH” to the previous comments.

You people who like licorice are very disturbed.

Sutton’s Bay also has good syrups for flavoring. I’ve tried this one and it does taste just like licorice (read nasty).

I’ve also seen (but not tried) licorice ice cream, which would be good since you want ot make shakes. It was one of those gourmet brands, though so you’re probably better off just buying the syrup if you plan on making these a lot (Lord help you :))

You could try Ouzo, maybe? It takes a lot like licorice straight, even more in candy form.

Have you tried anise (aniseed)? It tastes pretty licoricey to me.

What flavor ice cream would you use? Since there’s no “clean slate” flavor of ice cream wouldn’t any flavor interfere with the taste, including vanilla?

I make my own Ice Cream. Based on sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream. Its not cheap, but you can’t beat it.

I think that is the extract I mentioned in the OP.

Thanks for the help, all.