How do i get my closed thread deleted?

This message board isnt what i thouggt it was going to be. I thought it was an open free speach straight dooe discussion board. But its obviously ran by nazi’s. Anyways how do i delete my closed thread.

You did post some straight doo, though, so there’s that! Threads don’t get deleted unless the poster is an insta-ban type, usually a sock. You could get yourself banned and then maybe your thread would be deleted.

Link to thread in question.

You don’t, so far as I know, get your thread deleted.

What we do on this board lasts pretty much forever. So if you do something stupid, like you did, it’s there for all to see. You can’t edit your past.

You could, however, take some time to read through some of the threads and see what kind of culture we have here. Also take the advice of the mod who closed your thread and read the rules. Both of those things would help you understand what kind of place this is. Trust me, it’s not “ran by nazi.s”

Thread liberated to ATMB.

And has been noted, we don’t typically delete threads around here without a very good reason. You are, of course, free to leave the board, but if you take the time to get used to how folks post around here, you might find it worthwhile to stay.

Up to you.

Nazis? I thought we were an anarcho-syndicalist commune.

You might also want to do what was suggested in that closed thread: read the registration agreement.

I don’t think the OP is listening to us…

If it turned out that the OP is underage, would that get the thread deleted?

While it’s not a pleasant subject and could be described as vulgar at best I don’t see why the thread was closed. Perhaps I missed something.

That would mean he’s been bangin’ hoors since he was no older than 7.

He advised on how to avoid picking up a undercover police woman posing as a hooker.

Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

From the Registration Agreement:

Much of his first post involved giving advice on how to avoid arrest for activities he clearly specified were illegal.

Fair enough

We did have jackbooted thugs for a while. Didn’t manhattan take those boots with him?

“Commune” might be a stretch. I think it’s more like an anarcho-capitalist neoliberal monarchy.

We’re all still issued jackboots when we’re made mods. We have to provide our own truncheons, knouts, bullwhips, cattle prods, or tasers, per our own preference.

As for me, I like to wear a Prussian pickelhaube whilst moderating.

You’re fooling yourself. We’re living in a dictatorship.