How do I get rid of extra phlegm?

I was sick all of last week with a flu-like bug - fever, coughing, feeling like I’m gonna die, the whole nine yards. I’m feeling fine today, but I have this little lump of phlegm stuck in my neck (around my adam’s apple) that will not leave. I’ve been coughing it up to the back of my tongue, and occasionally to the top of my nose, but I’ve been unable to spit it out or blow it out my nose. It is getting incredibly irrating, and it makes sleeping difficult, as when I lay down, the phlegm comes up and makes me cough involuntarily. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?

Hock it out.

Alternatively, a friend of mine went scuba diving and blew his nose, killing off a flu he’d had for 2 years, but also blowing an ear drum.

Flu? For two years?


If it’s truly phlegm, drink a lot of H[sub]2[/sub]O and maybe take some Robitussin. The main ingredient in it (Guaifenesin) is used to thin out mucus, so provided it isn’t a dried up ball of yuck, this may help.

Usual disclaimers, IANAD, etc…

In addition to water and Robitussin (or any medicine that calls itself an expectorant), you might also get a friend or SO to gently knock you on the back repeatedly with a cupped hand. This with loosen up any other lingering phlegm you might have, and coughing/horking that up may bring your recalcitrant phlegm-wad up with it.

Gotta remember this one for my next pit rant/band name post :slight_smile:

Oops. I totally misunderstood the title. I was going to suggest getting rid of the extra phlegm by selling it on eBay.


That happened to me once for a few days then i went surfing, I must have drank a bit of salty water cause it came up when I was surfing & with it a bunch of blood. Of course I kept surfing.