How do I get the screen out of my living room window?!

Can the window frames be moved to one side, like against a hidden spring? I had some windows once where nothing could be removed until the one pane was slipped out; then everything else followed.

I have failed. My shame is complete. :frowning:

The house is about 9 years old. It isn’t a screen door that is the problem, it is the screen in one of my windows. I have no idea who the manufacturer is–there are no stickers other than warning labels and the A-X7164 one I mentioned earlier.

I can’t see any way to slide the window itself sideways.


I’ve seen windows that have a small gap in the track just above the highest you can slide the bottom tracking pins up the track. You raise The screen fully to the top, and then pull the pins at the top to release the top of the screen. While the top is tilted outwards, you can raise the bottom just enough so the unmovable bottom pins exit via the slots that used to be too high by half an inch or so. I hope you understand me.

The small slot maybe lower, depending on the model.

Send pictures-detailed pictures-closeups of corners-the springa things, and I’ll try to help ID. Also pictures of the latches for the bottom sash (it’s a single hung window)-that can help identify the manufacturer. Forget the X-number-that was a production run or order number. One other source of information for the window is the data stamp on the IGU or insulated glass unit. Look between the panes and along the inside should be a manufacturer ID stamp which could also include a date code. After that, you’re in a development, right? Who built the homes? They’ve got records of their suppliers for all delivered assemblies, presuming them to still be in business. It’s a PITA, but I’ve been able to get window parts for customers by going through the drill. Email me if you’re still stuck. :wink:

Another thought-poke your head out of the window and look at the track which retains the screen sash. It could be that by pushing the screen straight up, behind the fixed upper sash, removal may be easy.

Um, the screen doesn’t slide up or down at all. It is completely fixed in place. It also does not tilt outwards, as there is a lip on the outside window frame on all four sides of the screen.

I would poke my head out the window, except that would require removing :wink:

Actually I can access the outside of the window just fine from my deck. I don’t see any way to do anything from out there. I also can’t see any way to push the screen up anywhere… it is in-line with the upper window, not in front or behind it. There is no way to maneuver it forward or backward to get around the upper window.

It’s dark now, but I will try to take some photos tomorrow when it’s light out.

This is really frustrating me :frowning: I want to be able to take pictures of the birdies at my bird feeder, and they come out like crap through both glass and screen. Taking them out the upper window would require me to stand on something, and it still means taking the photos through glass. I want to be able to lift the bottom window up 4 or 5 inches and take photos out the bottom with nothing in the way.

FWIW I poked around with that number and found this message board. Looks like the brand could be Jeld-Wen.

Wow, cool :slight_smile:
This does, indeed, look like my windows:

well, the phone is 1-800-jel-dwen

The pdf instructions I looked at simply say to pull down on the spring loaded pins, as you have done, and as is normal. Pics would be a very good idea, as I can’t imagine what the problem actually is. (Why I suggested having somebody, anybody else there look at it.)

There isn’t anybody else here. The closest person I know is about 20 minutes away.

Ok I took pictures:

Well, what the fuck. You have a piece of screened splined into an entire lower panel of a moulded vinyl framing, that’s what ya have there little lady. :slight_smile:

Jeeez. I apologize, I really thought you just weren’t seeing how to get it out. From the photos you’ve provided, it does appear that it is not a framed screen, but screening laid in with spline to a panel. You’d have to rip out the entire panel.


Nice deck. :smiley:

No, it appears to be a framed screen and removable. The problem seems to be that the lower window won’t raise far enough to allow the screen to be tilted in toward the room. Either there has to be a way to slide the widow higher or to remove it, or at least swing it out of the way.
Are all the other widows made the same? Is the any hardware, slides, pins, etc., on the top or bottom edges of the sliding window frame?

To elaborate, those little pins at the top of the screen frame, I assume there are two and they are spring loaded, are designed to be pulled down to unlock the screen frame from the window frame. You should then be able to tilt the top of the screen in and remove it, exceprt that the sliding window is in the way. That suggest to me that the sliding window can either be removed, or tilted out of it’s track. There may be some other locking device, somewhere on the frame, to allow this.

Yes that is exactly how it is, and exactly how I would expect it to be removed, and the inner window is exactly the reason it doesn’t work. I will try to figure out if there is a way to move the window out of the way, but if there is, it isn’t obvious, at least not to me.

I actually considered removing the spline, since it’s pretty easy to re-do with the cheap little spline tool (I have had to replace the screen in screen doors before because of cat damage)… the problem is that I’m not tall enough to lean off my deck far enough to be able to re-spline it later (the near side I could do, the far side, not so much) without removing the frame… so it would still eventually come back to figuring out how to remove the frame.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you will address these questions I may be able to get other ideas:

Are all the other widows made the same? Is there any hardware, slides, pins, etc., on the top or bottom
edges of the sliding window frame? Also are these wood window frames? Is this a house or an apartment building?

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