How do I get "The Witcher" to work?

I realize that this maybe should go in GQ, and also that maybe nobody can help me, but I figured I’d ask.

I got the game “The Witcher” for my PC when it first came out, played it a little, got busy doing other stuff, and then just forgot about it. It ran fine. My computer, btw, is an Intel Core 2, running Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1, with 2 gig of ram, and 256 MB ATI Radion X1300 pro video card, and a 230 gig hard drive.

So, this weekend, I decided I’d start playing again. I put the CD-Rom in, the launcher opens, I click play, the screen turns black, stays black for about 15 seconds, and then dumps me back to the desktop.

So, I figure, to be careful, I’ll try a clean install. I uninstall and reinstall the program, patch it to the current patch, and still nothing. It still goes to black and dumps me back to desktop. Anybody have any ideas?

Maybe update the graphics drivers of the PC

Maybe, but I’m thinking it’s not a graphics driver problem, because I successfully ran it a year and a half ago with the same graphics driver.

When you ran it before, was it with or without the mentioned patch?

It was without. But, earlier this week, before I uninstalled it and reinstalled it with the patch, I tried to run it without the patch and it didn’t work.

Update your graphics driver and run all your Windows updates. If that doesn’t work, do some research on the game’s forums. If you don’t see anything helpful, create a post describing your problem there.