How do I hang a tapestry on a wall?

My mother brought back a small tapestry from Ecuador, and she wants my help in figuring out how to mount it on the wall. It’s not large (about 4 feet by 2 1/2 feet) but the fringy end are on the sides, not the top, so there’s no easy way to tie it to a dowel and hang it that way. Any advice? It’s a pretty rustic looking piece, so it doesn’t have to be especially classy.

We did ours by mounting a curtain rod on the wall and using rings on the rod that have clips to hold up the tapestry.

We used a cast iron rod with pretty finial and plain black ring clips.

I would sew on a sleeve.

There are special clamping hangers made for just this sort of thing. One place (gotten to by googling “quilt hangers”): - looks like this place may do them to custom lengths.

I have a quilt that hangs on the wall and the person who put it together for me attached a sleeve to the back as TexasDriver suggested. I got a curtain rod and mounting brackets, and put the rod through the sleeve, and hung it up that way.