How do I make my muffins moister?

I followed this recipe for cinnamon chocolate chip muffins to the letter, though in retrospect I may have skimped a little bit on the oil. They came out tasting marvellous, but they were extremely dry and falling apart. How can I extend this recipe to generate more moisture? More oil, perhaps? More egg?

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Google applesauce oil substitute or applesauce oil moisture to find tips online about substituting applesauce for oil.

here’s one link

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Assuming you don’t want to change the flavour of the recipe substantially:

You could try adding more oil, oil acts as a general lubricant and will give the appearance of more moistness.

You could try subbing white sugar for either brown sugar or honey. Both of these are hydroscopic which means more moisture will be retained in the final product.

You could try subbing out 1 or more of the egg whites for 2 tbsp of milk. Egg whites in general dry out a batter.

You could try using AP flour instead of cake flour. The extra gluten should act to hold more moisture.

You could try decreasing your cooking time. You should take them out of the oven when a toothpick comes out clean but if you want to be really daring, you can take them out slightly underdone and rely on the residual heat to finish cooking it.

All the other suggestions in this thread are fine as well but, IMHO would produce a different tasting muffin.

I too have had problems with dry muffins must not snerk. I did some reading on some cooking/baking sites in the past and one problem could be overmixing your batter. You want to gently fold the ingredients together just until all the dry ingredients are moist. If you mix it too vigourously or too much it could lead to drier, chewier muffins.

Cooking is both an art and a science. In this case, gentle’s query seemed more technical in nature.

At first I thought this thread title was, How do I make a muffin monster?

(Now THAT would have been a good GQ question!)