How Do I Move The "My Music" Folder in Windows Vista and Still Keep All Of My iTunes favorites

The thread title just about explains it. I have a 74 gig raptor as my C drive, and have about 15 gigs worth of downloaded content from iTunes that takes up way to much space on my main drive. I have found online ways to move my entire library to another drive, but I dont really want to do that. I have a 500 gig D drive that stores the bulk of my music; all I want to do is move the “My Music” folder to my E or F drive to free up some space on my main drive, while saving my favorites, ratings, and playlists from iTunes.

I am using Vista, by the way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In Vista, right click on your Music folder and select Properties. One of the tabs is Location. Select the option Move and Windows will set your Music folder to whatever you decide on.

Note that I don’t think Windows will actually move the music over for you, it just changes where the shortcut goes. So you’ll have to move the music first and then do this.