iTunes music storage... how do I know which files are where?

Ok, so I just decided to switch over to iTunes as my default media center thingy on my Windows box, and I imported my music into iTunes.

I then told it to use a samba share on my fileserver as it’s library repository, and told it to consolidate my library. So far, so good. Everything in nice little directories by name and album.

Oops. I forgot to include another folder of music. I tell iTunes to automatically copy anything added to the library to it’s own spot, and add this folder. This… rather large folder, it turns out.

Error message: there is not enough space on the drive to copy all the music you are adding. iTunes will copy as much as it can.

So, that’s great and all, except that now I don’t quite where all my music is.

Did all my music actually get added to the library, but some of it is still in the old files? If so, it seems like clearing off some space and hitting consolidate library again should fix things… but I did that, and the used space on my samba drive didn’t change. Can anyone tell me how to figure out which files are where so I can get all my music in one place eventually?

Aww, nevermind. I just figured it out. Apparently it was able to copy all but a few songs before, so when I cleared off a few gigs of space and re-consolidated, it just moved those four songs over, which still left 2.31GB free (or whatever).