How Do I MURDER a Credit Card?

OK, I have a credit card – said account was CLOSED YEARS AGO.

I finally paid the damn thing OFF. COMPLETELY. FINITO. DONE. ALL GONE.

I’m still getting PAPER STATEMENTS saying:

New Balance $0.00
Past Due Amount $0.00
Minimum Payment $0.00

And …

Interested Charged: +$0.68
(Purchase Interest Charge)

I thought it was dead, by now!!!

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Yes, I called LAST MONTH to confirm the closure of this account and that I be assured that no more PAPER STATEMENTS would appear. :mad::mad::mad:

I really don’t want to spend any more phone dollars on this! :mad:


I am tempted to suggest you mail them a check for $0.

When you called, did you get any kind of confirmation that the account was closed? Can you ask them to send a final statement?

It sounds like it’s already dead. I think this is the ghost of your credit card come back to haunt you.

What you need in an exorcism.

But seriously folks, maybe you could find out how to go to a paperless bill? That way you’d only be getting a monthly email about your balance due amount of $0.00, which you could automatically send to the trash with an email filter.

I wouldn’t do that. If the credit card company decided to charge anything, such as an annual fee to the card, the OP would never know about it.

If the OP is still getting statements I would guess the account is not dead.

Don’t do this over the phone; request that the account be closed in writing, sent certified mail, and keep a copy for your records.

This doesn’t make any sense. What is “Interested charged”? And how can the new balance be zero if there is a non-zero amount listed?

I didn’t mean automatic billing, just paperless monthly notification.

Offer to pay the outstanding balance ($.68) if they will REALLY close the account. That’ll hold their feet to the fire.

That’s probably not a good idea, as per our Membership Agreement. Ya gotta pick your battles and you get only one venue per.

I had a similar issue with a card a long time ago, and it really screwed me up…I had a card I had paid off and (I thought) closed for about two years. Ok, I thought it because I had called the comapany and asked for my account to be closed. Silly me.

Then I got a collections notice because I hadn’t paid my annual fee+late fees+interest, which due to the time frame and such had racked up something like $450. Nevermind I hadn’t received a statement from them in years. Hours of back and forth with the credit card company eventually had me paying about half the costs (they waived some of the fees), plus an agreement to scrub my credit report of the incident. Needless to say, I will not go with that company for a card ever again.

Based on the info you have provided, you don’t have a balance. The $0.68 is interest that was incurred on your account during the most recent monthly cycle before you paid off your final balance.

If your new balance is “$0.00,” then you have already paid the 68 cents when you paid off the card.

When you have paid your card down to a zero balance, they will send a statement for that last month so that you have a record of your payoff of the balance. It would be extremely odd for them to send a statement on a card with a zero balance at the start of the monthly cycle, absolutely no activity during the cycle, and a zero balance at the end of the cycle.

Is this a reputable card from a reputable company (like one of the big national banks)? If it is, then the only thing you should have to worry about is if there is an annual fee. You want to make sure the card is definitely closed in that case. If you do get charged an annual fee, you will have to call or write them again and explain that you were told the card was closed and that you want the fee removed and the card closed. If they will not do that, you can file a complaint with your state’s attorney general. Every time I have done that, I have been quickly contacted by the company in an effort to resolve the issue.

If it is a big reputable bank, they may make an error but will correct it if you bring it to their attention.

If you had poor credit when you got the card and got it from a lower tier outfit, there is no end to the possible bullshit fees and traps that may be in the small print. You will simply have to be persistent in making sure the card is closed. Like others have said, doing so in writing and using certified mail will make your case stronger if you are worried that they are not going to actually close the account.

Do not use the card again even for just a small, one-time emergency, or they may consider that an indication that you want to keep the account open and render all of your efforts to close it moot.

Not so odd. I have a card that I have not used in years, and I sporadically get such statements at random times. Usually they are several months apart, but this month I got one for the third straight month in a row. No idea why, but it happens.

I don’t understand. If your balance is $0, where’s the 68 cents coming from?

I think this might be the crux of the issue, the billing program may be written such that if it sees any amount that is not zero in any amount field it generates a statement.

Well, if you ever go crazy, wanna declare bankruptcy, or find out you are terminally ill you could always send one of those statements to a Nigerian “businessman”. I bet the company would really appreciate that :slight_smile:

First, you need a water-tight alibi. Then make sure there are no witnesses. Wear gloves and a hairnet to make sure you don’t leave any prints or hair behind on the victim or the pair of scissors…

And make sure Miss Marple is out of the country.