How do I post updates as an organization on Facebook?

Say I want to create a page for my business or organization, but post as that organization instead of as an individual. Facebook says you have to sign in as an individual to create a business page. However, when I did that, I can only post as me, personally, on other pages. I see lots of updates on my wall by organizations. How do they do that?

While you are on the organization’s page, as long as you’re an admin (you should be, if you created the page), anything you post on the page will show up as being from your organization, in other people’s Walls.

If you want to comment on another page, it will currently show up as your individual account, but Facebook actually just announced functionality that will allow you to post on other pages as your organization. I just received an email today stating (bolding mine):

Yeah, funny, I saw that today too, after I posted my question. Can people tell which individual the business account belongs to?

I don’t think so; everything I read when I set up my pages said no, but Facebook changes so often, I’m not sure if that’s correct. I have gone over my pages while logged out, though, and couldn’t find any way to determine a list of admins, so I think you’re good.