How do I put software on a computer that is not on line?

I have a desktop with internet. I want to have an offline laptop dedicated to my work. How do I get apps and software onto my laptop? Some way to get programs into my PC and load them onto the laptop? Maybe connect the laptop to the PC?

Download the full program (not just the little file that links to on-line files) to your desktop. Copy it over to the laptop. If a full dowload isn’t available, you could attempt to install it on your PC and make a portable version.

How about: get a USB flash drive, download standalone installers for all the software, copy them onto the drive, plug the drive into the offline computer, and finally start installing.

This is all assuming you are allowed to install programs on your work laptop and it isn’t locked down somehow preventing you from doing it.

Why is the laptop not online?

A. It has no network connection (no Ethernet/Wifi)
Then it is probably so old that you can only put very old software on it.

B. It has Ethernet/Wifi, but your set-up doesn’t have either.
Then how is your desktop connected?

C. Sorry, the desktop does have Ethernet, but the laptop has only Wifi. And there is no Wifi around here.
In that case the above suggestions are sound, as far as downloading software packages go. If you are talking about installing an OS or updates to the OS, you will probably need Internet. Then you should find a location with Wifi that you may use and that is trustworthy, to download relevant software.
Of course, if the laptop has no Internet connection, you are safe from hackers anyway.

In many cases you can install software on an unconnected computer by downloading the installer on a connected computer, copying it to a flash drive, and copying it off the flash drive to the unconnected computer. Then just run the installer.

Some things might prevent this from working, though. Some installers download files from the internet before installing them. Some software requires you to enter an installation key, which is verified over the internet.

Would it work for you to connect your laptop to the internet only when you install software?

Thanks for the replies.

It will be a new laptop. I intended to have it be dedicated to my work and stay offline. But with some apps that won’t be possible. They need to be connected and updating. I’ll have to see about that. It might be a pipe dream in todays environment.

I was trying to avoid getting another computer line.

If the reason you want the laptop to be offline is for security reasons, then copying files from the online computer to the laptop will not achieve your objective. Does your workplace have an IT department that could help you with this?

IIRC you’re on a Caribbean island. But what does “computer line” mean in this context? Surely not a dedicated POTS landline that you intend to use to dial up to some ISP using a 56K modem?

Which ones are those? I have an off-line computer where everything works fine, even Windows 10. Of course, I don’t use modern subscription-based programs. If you can’t buy it once and have it stay bought (or repair that flaw) I don’t want it.

In that case, couldn’t you simply borrow the connection of your desktop when you are working on the laptop? That saves the cost of a second line.

Furthermore, it is possible that the apps you mention only need connection during startup when they are looking for updates: in that case you only need to connect the laptop when starting, but can disconnect it after that and continue working. Also, many apps like to connect at startup but will still work if they can’t find a connection.

I was wondering about that. Surely any new notebook computer supports WiFi. (And in fact many of them don’t even have a built-in Ethernet port. So if you’ve got WiFi in the building, there is not cost to adding another wireless device.

Ha! You got the wrong guy and I got the wrong life.

I’m looking at a DAWS and Final Cut. Video stuff. Just starting out and don’t know anything really.

I’m really just seeing if I can run a machine dedicated to that, with no phone line.

I am a wifi dummy basically. I never used it. I only know I used to get these menus of them on my phone and none of them ever worked for me.

FOr a new computer to use wifi to DL something, doesn’t it need to be intitialized or signed up for something? Somebody wants to get paid right? An ISP or somebody?

If you’ve got the internet in your house, then you can buy your own wifi router/access point, hook it up to your modem or gateway, and have wifi in your house. It’s free once you buy the router and pay for your regular internet connection.

EDIT: It’s also possible to rent a wifi router from your ISP for five bucks a month or so, but it’s not actually a good deal. If you can afford to pay $30-$50 up front (more if you want higher quality), It’s cheaper in the long run to buy your own router.

Can’t you just switch the phone line to the other computer when you need to download something?

Thats what I would think of too but I don’t think it’s that simnple.

There are reasons why it would not be that simple, but in my experience, it usually is. It would not take long to try it; disconnect the network cable from one computer and connect it to the other. Are you able to get on the Internet now?

No I’m just waiting for my new laptop to come.

If you plug it in it must be ready to recognize stuff. Meaning it just needs to have windows?

I’m thinking just connect the pc to the laptop by a usb cable and “move” the app to the laptop. But how and when is it “installed”? Is it automatic via windows?

You may be able to connect the two computers via a USB cable and transfer files that way but it’s not standard, and you’ll need a non-standard cable to do so. Really, the easiest way to move files from one to the other is a USB stick. And as for the programs, you need the original installation files, not the files as installed on the old computer.

It may be easiest just to download the installers from the websites. That way, you’ll get the latest version. And since it’s a notebook system, you might just go someplace like Starbucks or McDonalds that has public internet just to download the stuff.

If you tell us which programs you need, we may be able to advise you.