How Do I "quote" an individual on the SDMB?

I understand that if I want to quote someone I click the word QUOTE on the tool bar and paste in their comment and then click DONE. This will quote the TEXT of what they said and it will have a title bar that says “quote”. But how do I quote a specific person? For instance I see somthing like

“lobsang quote” How is the name Lobsong included in the quote?


See the “Quote” button in the lower right corner of this post? (Next to “Edit”, which doesn’t work?) Click it. The screen will load, and you will see a box surrounded by quote-tags, and the “Originally posted by Ferret Herder” message at the beginning of my text.

Thank you. I appreciate it. Now how about those winning lottery numbers for tonights drawing?

2-8-18-19-25-29. Good Luck!

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