How to quote people in replies?

I see people quote others in replies but when I click reply to someone’s post it does not quote them. How do I do that?

Select the text in the post you wish to quote. The word “quote” will hover. Click on that, it will open a new post with that text quoted in appropriate code.

If you want further quotes, you can scroll to other posts and do the same, it will add to your open post.

What he said but with the exception that if you are replying to the last post in a thread the quote will disappear.

I just quoted all of what GuanoLad had posted and “poof” gone.

I think a partial quote still shows up, though:

To do exactly what you ask, click the [Reply] button at the lower right of their post. That will open a blank editing box. Then click the little voice balloon icon at the far left of the edit control (just left of the big B for bold). That will copy the contents of the post you’re replying to into your edit box. Then you can proceed to write your post below or above that text and when you finally post your reply it’ll be linked to theirs and contain their words and yours.

Once the quoted text is inside your post you can remove hunks of it to edit down to just the meat. The SDMB policy is any such edits need to be shown with “…” and not alter the intent of the person you’re quoting.

As @mistymage said just above, as an exception to my explanation, Discourse will automatically remove the quoted text if BOTH

  1. You replied to the immediately previous = last post, not one upthread.
  2. You quoted the whole post, not editing out any of it.

The thinking there is the quoted text is redundant and space-wasting in that case. A reader can easily see that you’ve issued a reply to the post just above, so they know what you’re talking about as you respond. Some people find this annoying.