I don't see how I can "reply with quote" in a thread

Anyone know?

Click the Reply to Post button. It’ll be marked Reply or be just a curled arrow. There’s one under every post.

When the reply box opens, click the icon on the edit bar that looks like a speech balloon. That will load the entire quote.

If you’re quoting in full the most recent post, system will automatically remove it when you post, so only quote what’s necessary.

This is how it will look.

Alternately, you can highlight the text you want to quote, and when you click ‘reply’ the highlighted text will be inserted as a quote.

Unless you’ve turned Quote Reply off. It messes with other programs on my computer.

Ah, got it - thanks!

That is mega cool!

ETA: Actually just highlighted the part I wanted, a little icon with quotes showed up, and opened the window for typing.

Is there any way to actually SEE the post you’re replying to with the formatting displayed the way the poster put it in? F’rinstance, if someone posts a link that doesn’t work, if I can see the way it was typed, I can often figure out how to fix it and MAKE it work.

Whoops! Misread.

After you click the reply button UNDER the post you’re quoting, click the speech balloon button in your reply toolbar.

Testing… Yep, it works

That’s an incredibly annoying “feature”. If I didn’t want to quote the prior post, I wouldn’t have hit that little speech bubble to begin with.



Testing blurry spoiler

This text will be blurred

Testing the blurry spoiler.

When I quote a post and then go to “minimize the composer panel”, my whole reply disappears. There’s no way to maximize it. When I do a reply without quoting, this isn’t a problem. And I can start adding quotes at that point, but this is a giant pain in the ass.


ETA: Quoted the post immediately above mine, then deleted the period at the end of the last sentence. System didn’t delete the quote.

Yes. If you quote the immediately previous post in its entirety then the smarter-than-thou system helpfully deletes the quote. If you quote just part of it, that doesn’t happen. If you change the quoted text in any way, that doesn’t happen.

I’ve taken to adding two hyphens at the beginning of the quote (a totally arbitrary choice). GreysonCarlisle has suggested adding   at the end (you have to include that semicolon), which is a HTML code that appears as an invisible blank space. If you can remember and be bothered to type that. 

I recall that quoting the entire previous post is something that people complained about way back in the old days, so I can understand the reason for this feature.


I get that point – responding to the previous post without quoting it, it’s usually obvious and the conversation usually flows smoothly. Even responding to a several-posts-earlier post without quoting it, it’s usually easy enough to understand.

But it’s a bit (or more than a bit) objectionable to have the Disco-School-Marm doing that for us.