How do I report my own report?

If I accidently report one post when I meant to report another(multiple tabs open situation), how do I inform the mods that I screwed up so they don’t waste time trying to find the non-existent problem and/or contacting me for clarification?

I don’t think you can. But you can flag the one you meant to flag and include with the reason you flagged it a note like …

“Sorry about the prior flag, I clicked the wrong post but meant to flag this one.”

I understand it costs you a Badge (which one is at mod discretion) for a false flagging operation. Luckily you’ve been here a long time and have built up a good stockpile. Newer users have to be careful about this.

I will keep this in mind, thank you.

I’ve made the OP’s goof a time or two. IME after I flag a post within seconds or minutes I get a canned PM that includes me and that forum’s mod(s) saying:

Thanks for letting us know. We agree there is an issue and we’re looking into it.

When that PM shows up I write a short post in response explaining this report was a goof and including the url of the post I intended to flag. The goal being to stop any Mod goose chase as early as possible.

I also flag the bad post I’d intended to flag in the first place. That keeps the records neat where each such PM correctly refers in the OP to the post it’s truly targeting.

Your report will show up in your outgoing PM’s, and you can post an addendum there.


I just tested this, that does work.

Funny thing is I checked yesterday and didn’t see the PM in my sent folder.

Wow, didn’t know you could do that.

However, as codinghorror said, this is only true of the “Something Else” reports, as they contain a message.

Yet another reason to use them over the other options.