Flagging posts: wasn't there a way to tell the mods *why* you were flagging it?

Sometimes choosing one of those buttons seems way insufficient. But if I say something in the thread that might clarify things, that’s (gasp!) junior modding, and we can’t have that.

Didn’t there used to be a box along with the radio buttons that allowed you to provide more detail? Since we moved to Discourse, that is.

Yes, if you click “something else” it will let you type text.

Please use “something else” and be explicit unless you are reporting spam. The “it’s spam” button is enough info.

OK, thanks! :slight_smile:

Guess I can’t re-flag the post with an explanation. Such is life.

No, but check your sent PMs. I believe all flags are listed as PMs. And PMs here function like mini-threads, so you can post a reply and all recipients (i.e. the mods) will see it.

I know I’ve reported something, and then realized I left out some info, and added the extra info that way.

I’ve gotta say, with the caveat that we do have to use the “something else” function at pretty much all times, reporting posts is a much smoother experience on this new site, and I really appreciate the back and forth that can develop with the mods thanks to the way reports are handled as PMs and PMs are handled as threads.

Yeah, i used to moderate a different board with vBulletin, and telling the poster, “yes, we saw your report” was a chore. I really like that it’s easy to give posters feedback.

No – only “something else” flags are PMs.

Well, we’ve asked posters to always use “something else”, so effectively they are.

And you can also hide the other flag reasons via CSS if needed, but a site admin will need to enter the CSS overrides.