How do I search within a thread?

If I remember correctly, the old software had a “search within this thread” option. I am not seeing that in Discourse.

I see the Advanced search options, but I sure cannot figure out how to search within the current thread.



While in a thread, select the “magnifying glass” icon on the upper right. Start typing in the search box, and it will let you select “all topics” or “this topic.”

If you click on the magnifying glass, top right corner of this page, under the search box is the option “search in this topic”.

Yeah, what @Rebo said.

Ahh, that’s the ticket.



Discourse has issues. The usual control-F I use is problematic. Once is a while it turns up the Discourse search-in-this-thread box. Usually it turns up my browser’s search box. Sometimes the browser’s search works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

As out of date the old software was, Discourse is its own special Hell.

Sto trying to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F and there is no hell.

Choose the search option from Discourse’s menu or from your browser’s menu. Totally different semantics, so you need to know what you really want to search: the contents of the whole thread (Discourse search), or the contents of the fraction of the thread that happen to already be downloaded to the browser (Browser search).

Thank you

Agreed. If I try to use the browser’s search option, it doesn’t really work because of the way the thread is loaded. The browser doesn’t see everything in the thread all at once. Use the search function in Discourse.

If anyone gets frustrated by that, just remember the old forum software. If you were on page 3 of the thread, and you wanted to find something written on psge 5 of the thread, would Ctrl-F find it? Obviously not, because it can’t find something on a different page. You’d use the forum search function instead. This is no different, really.

Or they could fix the software so there’s a consistently working shortcut key. Ctrl-F sometimes brings up the forum search, sometimes it brings up the browser search. I can find no pattern as to what causes which one to pop up.

Length of the thread, I believe. I think that the cutoff is 20 posts.

If the whole thread is already in the browser, then Ctrl-F triggers the browser’s find function. If Discourse knows it only loaded part of the thread, then Discourse reacts to Ctrl-F by triggering it’s own “Find within whole thread” feature.

So the point is you don’t have to worry about which dialog box Ctrl-F will summon. It will summon the one that will search the whole thread, be that big or small.

Just did a test. (Using Brave, a Chrome-based browser.) Ctrl-F turned up the Discourse box all the way to and including the last post being displayed (in a looong thread). I had to scroll down past the last post to get into the cruft at the end before the browser box popped up.

I continued trying to test by scrolling up and down a bit and NO box appeared at all on hitting ctrl-F.

Not exactly a simple or reliable scheme.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the thread. A thread with more than about 20 posts should pop up the Discourse search box, and one with 20-ish or fewer should pop up the browser search box.

Not familiar with Brave, though.

Tried to replicate that, but it seems to work for me no matter which way I scroll (Windows/Chrome).

Oh, and if you hit CTRL+F twice in a long thread, it should take you straight to your browser search.

That actually works. And might be useful once in a while. Thanks.