How do I shed my second chin?

Ok folks, my question sounds simple enough. How do I get rid of my double chin?

Are you in general overweight? If so, then a good exercise program will help reduce fat all over your body, including your chin.

If you are thin but still have a double chin due to genetics or something, then it’s going to be hard to lose due to exercise. Liposuction maybe?

Do you have it because you’re heavy or because you have poor posture?

I’m skinny, but I have a double chin because I don’t hold my head up right.

I consider myself to be of normal weight. Except for this dang second chin, that is. I thought about having the fat sucked out of it, but I’m too afraid to do anything that extreme (at least for now). Are there any exercises I can perform to lose my chin flab?

I grew a beard.

If it’s fat, then no, you’re pretty much stuck with losing fat off your whole body. If it’s loose skin, you can work the muscles of your face to tighten it up a bit. If you can pull on it and extend it pretty far, it’s skin. Otherwise, it’s fat.

Stop being a fatty.


You’re asking people who frequent internet messageboards about exercise regimes?
(guys… I’m joking, I’m joking! Still, some of you could do with reminding yourselves what outdoors looks like!)

So I went to hit “submit” on that reply, and knocked my cup of tea all over my keyboard. Karma, I guess…!

Clearly the Gods are angry. O Cecil, I have angered thee by ridiculing thy subjects. What shouldst I sacrifice at dawn to appease thy wrath?

There are a few exercises you can do to tone the area, which will help improve the overall look of your chin.

Get a rubber or sponge ball about 6-8" in diameter and put it under your chin and against your chest.

Now open and close your jaw. Do a few sets of 10 each with your mouth in an “E” and “O” position.

Tada - facial resistance training made simple.

Hope this help some :slight_smile:

Oh, and SLASH thanks for sharing your wit :rolleyes:

fwiw, i think cecil did a column on this.

An exercise my mother uses is to sit straight up and tilt your head back until you feel tension in the muscles under your chin and in your neck. Then swallow several times. She swears by it.

I have a full set of facial isometrics that have worked great for me, although I keep hearing people say they don’t.
I know they have helped me though, but I didn’t get the full effect until I did the cheek and lip ones too, and it took several weeks for any noticeable change

Googling Facial Isometrics might bring you to the site I found them on. Here’s a few just for the neck:

Sitting up straight, lean your head back as far as you can. Chew with exaggerated movements 20 times.

Same position, kiss the ceiling, holding for a count of ten. Repeat five times.

That sort of thing.
I no longer have a double chin but it is still a bit loose.

Even though I’m still technically a…fatty.
At least I’m not an asshat.

This is the very question that brought me to the Straight Dope in the first place :slight_smile: I am going to give Rushgeekgirls suggestions a shot.

I’m sorry, but ‘Facial Isometrics’ sounds like some sort of porn fetish thing.

My double chin went by the wayside when I lost a bunch (30-40 pounds) of weight.