How do I stop my nipple from chafing?

You might want to try:

– Band-aids
– Vaseline
– Start going topless

Personally I would recommend option #3.

Ah, gerbils strike again.

The question was, I have a particular dress shirt, 100% cotton, that chafes me under the breast pocket.

Aside from vaseline (which wouldn’t last the whole day at work) and going topless (which isn’t appropriate for work), what can I do to fix the problem with this one shirt-- which is otherwise pretty nice.

Wear a t-shirt under it?

One word: nipguards. They’re aimed at runners but they should work for you too.

Most people want to protect both nipples.

Well, some people also have a lot of money to throw around.

ah, only the pierced nipple chafes-- and only under the breast pocket.

Ideally I was thinking of something that could be done to the shirt as a permanent solution…

Cut a hole in the shirt.

Not only is the chafing done & over with, but you show off your piercing.

And make many new friends! :smiley:

I try to be open-minded, but it seems to me that if you pierce your nipple, you kind of lose the ability to complain about nipple irritation.

Perhaps you should have thought about this beforehand. Let it be a lesson to you.

But, anyhow, here are my solutions.

  1. Take the bone-piercing out of your nipple.

  2. Don’t wear the shirt.

  3. Wear an undershirt when you wear the shirt.

  4. Wear a band-aid or put a piece of duct tape on the nipple before you wear the shirt.

  5. Pierce the other nipple so they’ll both be irritated and it will even out and feel normal.

  6. Pierce another part of your body so the pain will distract you.

  7. Fill the pocket over the nipple with vaseline and you’ll have enough to last all day.

  8. Have the nipple removed and replaced with a tattoo of a nipple.

  9. Rub sandpaper on the nipple every day so it gets calloused.

  10. Wear a bra.

  11. Get a novocaine injection into the nipple to numb it up before you put the shirt on.

  12. Glue a bottlecap over the nipple to armor it.

  13. Spray wd-40 over the nipple.

  14. Eat a pound of lard every day so that you ooze lubricant from your pours.

  15. Tell the drycleaners not to put starch in your shirt.

  16. Remove irritating loose stitching under the pocket.

  17. Drip hot wax from a candle over your nipple before wearing shirt. Wax will provide a coating to protect nipple.

  18. Once you put the shirt on don’t move at all, and there will be no chafing.

  19. Rub meat tenderizer onto nipple

  20. Spray nipple with Rhino tuck liner, or generic underbody rust inhibitor, or just use tar.

Bunch of bloody jokers.

The nipple’s been pierced for 8 years.

I wash the shirt myself. No starch. No drycleaners.

It’s the first and only shirt that’s ever given me a problem, and it’s irritating even without the ring in, ya bloody nincompoops.

I mean, if I wanted snarky replies, I would’ve posted in MPSIMS, but I want an actual ignorance-fighting answer.


Umm…you’ve been given several plausible answers. Have you tried any of them?

How about stitching (or ironing on, using a piece of the fusing stuff) a piece of smooth fabric where your nipple meets the shirt?

Jebus, if only we could devote to World Hunger the amount of energy we’ve just spent on your bloody (pun intended) nipple…

Why not just devote the nipple to World Hunger?

<words o’ cecil>Lubricate the nipple with “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” when on sale at Safeway. </words o’ cecil> :smiley:

The first thing that came to mind when I read the title was “You mean nipples protect our planes from enemy missles?”

Now this is what I’m talking about. Tell me more about this ‘fusing stuff’ that I can iron on.

You know, this all reminds me of that classic Goats cartoon where Nippleby says “I gave my nipples for this country!”

Damn you gotta love the jokers. I giggled myself silly.

The stuff is fusable backing. It is similar to the stuff behind machine embroidery on sweat shirts. It is used so material will keep it’s shape.It is fluffy, but can stiffen with washing to something that feels roughly like fine sandpaper. Some brands soften lovely, so watch for the polyester content in what you buy. The higher the cotton content the more likely it will soften with age.
It does stiffen the area it is ironed to. It may also discolour, or flake off if not properly applied. Think of the way a favourite T-shirt has dried and cracked with washing and wear.

It is avalable at the nearest fabric or craft store. But I’m betting a trip to a Seamstress or a Tailor to get any furthur questions answered wouldn’t be a waste. They may have what you need, You know how the pros always have the good stuff.

Multiple bandaisdss.

It would have to be a tattoo of a pierced nipple, of course.

Couldn’t you rig your nipple ring so that it supplies a contstant flow of lubrication to the nipple? Just top it off in the morning and go!

This is the third thread in a row who’s OP got eaten by the hamsters. :stuck_out_tongue:

That I opened, that is.